Germany: Fat Woman Politician Finds Solution to Stabby Diversity – Knife-Free Zones!

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Germany’s federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser, of the center-left Social Democrats (SPD), says she wants to take stronger action to combat knife crime.

“We should think about banning knives on public transport, on buses and trains,” Faeser told the Funke Media Group. “After all, anyone traveling by plane is not allowed to take a knife with them.” Apart from increasing security measures on public transport, Faeser said another solution could be weapon-free zones in certain urban areas.

The minister’s initiative came a few days after the president of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), Holger Münch, also called for weapon-free zones in and around train stations and in city centers.

Many cities are establishing no-weapons zones in critical areas where the police can carry out “active checks,” the BKA president said. According to Münch, knives are used in 5.6% cases of assault and in 11% of robberies. He also said that he was open to tightening the law on weapons possession.

The issue of knife crime came back into focus in Germany after two people were killed and seven wounded in a knife attack on a train traveling from Kiel to Hamburg in January. That came after an incident in December 2022, when one 14-year-old girl died and another was seriously injured after they were attacked by a man with a knife while walking to school in the village of Illerkirchberg in southern Germany.

In response to a request by the Bild am Sonntag newspaper in January, the German police said it had registered 398,848 crimes on trains and at train stations in 2022 — a 12% rise on the previous year. Of those crimes, 14,155 involved bodily assault and 336 involved the use of a knife — more than double the year before.

Unreliable statisticsAccording to the latest police crime statistics, there were 8,160 knife attacks in 2022, a 15.4% increase on the previous year. But the BKA did not publish any statistics on knife crime until the period covering 2021, a year when COVID-19 restrictions were in force across the country.

The chairman of the police trade union GdP, Jochen Kopelke, said the figures were proof that knife crime is increasingly becoming a nationwide problem. “Our colleagues must be prepared to always and constantly be threatened or directly attacked with a knife,” Kopelke told the RND newspaper network. He also called for the police presence to be visibly increased in public areas.

The BKA defines a knife attack as any act where a knife is used to either threaten or physically assault a person. However, some German states also count incidents where a perpetrator is found in possession of a knife, for example, concealed in a jacket pocket.

More reliable statistics have been published by the German Federal Police, which is responsible for security at train stations and airports. It reported that the number of assaults with a knife more than doubled from 46 to 98 between the second half of 2021 and the first half of 2022. But travel restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 could also account for this increase.

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