Germany: Government Bans Martin Sellner from Entering the Country

The Jew fears the hipster glasses

It’s not really clear what this even means.

He’s not charged with a crime.

It’s sort of funny to be threatened with deportation for calling for deportations.

The Guardian:

A far-right Austrian nationalist has been banned from entering Germany after addressing a meeting about mass deportations that provoked mass protests across the country.

Days after he was deported from Switzerland, Martin Sellner, a leader of Austria’s ethno-nationalist Identitarian Movement, posted a video of himself on X reading out a letter to his lawyer that he said was from authorities in the city of Potsdam.

The letter said Sellner was barred “with immediate effect” from entering Germany for the next three years and could be stopped or deported if he tried to enter the country. If he happened to be on German soil, it added, he would have to leave within a month.

A spokesperson for the city authorities confirmed to Agence France-Presse that an EU citizen had been served with a “ban on their freedom of movement in Germany” but declined to name them for privacy reasons.

“We have to show that the state is not powerless and will use its legitimate means,” Mike Schubert, the mayor of Potsdam, said in a statement.

Germany has seen a wave of huge demonstrations against extremism and the far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party, some of whose members attended the November meeting in Potsdam, since reports of it emerged in January.

Sellner gave a presentation at the event, attended by neo-Nazis, other extremists and business backers, on the practicalities of carrying out the mass deportations – referred to in far-right circles as “remigration” – of migrants, asylum seekers and German citizens of foreign origin deemed to have failed to integrate.

Swiss police said on Sunday they had prevented a far-right gathering organised by the far-right, anti-Islam and anti-immigration group Junge Tat at which Sellner was due to speak, adding that he had been arrested and deported.

Elon Musk responded to one of Sellner’s posts in which he commented on the Swiss police decision to shut down the weekend far-right event and ban him from the region for two months. The X owner asked: “Is this legal?”

Who knows if that was legal. I don’t think it was legal.

The claim is that the place they were speaking had pulled their permit in the middle of the event and people refused to leave immediately. What it looks like is that the police called and intimidated the venue owner.

In terms of the deportation, who knows if that’s legal. The legality of the ban from Germany also seems questionable.

It’s just that it doesn’t really matter if it’s legal or not. The governments of the West can make things that were previously legal into illegal acts on a whim. There is no system of law. If you don’t have an underlying code of law derived from some kind of first principles, whether or not something is legal or not is really arbitrary, and therefore irrelevant.

Even if the police/government do something illegal to you, your only option is to fight it in court, which takes years.