Germany: Mayor of City Where Somali Randomly Stabbed People to Death Worried About Islamo Feelings

It’s really predictable, isn’t it?

Every single time there is a terrorist attack that manages to make it to the headlines, an army of white cunts come out and claim that the real victims are the peaceful Moslems, because they will experience racism as a result.

Wait – this Mayor is male? 


Würzburg Mayor Christian Schuchardt has written an open letter decrying the possibility that refugees and migrants may be stereotyped after a Somali refugee stabbed three women to death in the city.

Does it really matter if you can’t understand what he’s saying?

Mayor Christian Schuchardt, a member of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), expressed grief over the deaths of three women and the seven others injured by a 24-year-old Somalian refugee last Friday, and commended the bravery of those who attempted to stop the attacker.

“But I also cried for our city last night. Because of this short circuit, this equating is so obvious. Refugees, immigrants, violent criminals, religious warriors and terrorists – massacres,” he said in his letter, Suddeutche Zeitung reports.

“However, the crimes of individuals can never be traced back to population groups, religions or nationalities. We Germans were not condemned in general after the Second World War either. Nor does this now apply to Somalis or refugees in general. This pigeonholing must come to an end,” Schuchardt said.

Wait – Germans weren’t condemned after the Second World War?

Germans are literally still paying money to Jews. They are also still apologizing. Despite the fact that virtually everyone involved in the war has been dead for a pretty long time.

White people are always subjected to collective guilt. Americans are still being blamed for slavery hundreds of years ago.

“And at the same time, there will be no end to it. This is my moral demand, my wish for the society that I know cannot be fulfilled. Because how would you feel as a foreigner in our city today?” he added.

Shortly after Friday’s fatal knife attack, the perpetrator was identified as a 24-year-old Somali national who had arrived in Germany in 2015, just months before the height of the migrant crisis.

Initially, police did not want to comment on the exact motive of the stabbing, but on Monday, Joachim Herrmann, Bavaria’s Interior Minister, stated that he saw clear indications the attack was motivated by radical Islamic extremism.

Yeah, either that or he just did it because he’s black.

One or the other, or maybe both.

Either way: he wouldn’t have been stabbing up Germany if he wasn’t in Germany.

We still have not been given an explanation as to why all of these people are coming to our countries.

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Merkel said originally that they were going to pay the pensions of old Germans by working and paying into pension funds, then it turned out that around 80% of them were illiterate in their own languages, meaning they will never be able to work in really any job in Germany.

What’s more, the whole “shrinking population” thing is a hoax anyway, because so many jobs are going to be replaced by automation.

What’s more, you could also encourage your own people to breed using various tax incentives, and just dialing back the feminist extremism even by one notch.

Then they said it was for humanitarian reasons. Well, studies have shown that dollar-to-dollar, it is nearly ten times more efficient to give people money in their own countries rather than mass relocate people to our countries. So if your top concern was helping poor people, you could push for foreign aid, not mass immigration.

The only explanation for why there are all these disgusting people coming to our countries is that the ruling elite are trying to homogenize the entire earth by mixing all of the races together. This then justifies a global government, and it also makes the population easier to control when it is uniform. You don’t require different systems for different peoples if you only have one system.

It is the only metaphor of mixing all the colors of a palette together.

You just create a shitty brown color.

It’s the Kalergi Plan.

Speaking of which – have you seen the Wikipedia page?

How is it possible to “misconstrue” that passage?

Well. They don’t say.

But I will tell you this: no single Jew will debate you on what they mean when they claim this is being “misconstrued.”

Kalergi, who was a powerful Eurocrat, the founder of the European Union project, a hero to the elites still celebrated today, was very explicit in the fact that he wanted Europe to become a mixed race cesspit ruled by the Jews.

You can say that is a good idea or a bad idea, based on your opinion, but to say it is “misconstrued” is about the most ridiculous possible lie I can even imagine.

The Jews would be better off trying to claim that Kalergi wasn’t very influential and that he was just coming up with random ideas that no one follows. But then they’d have to explain why they have all of these celebrations honoring him.

Next, let’s see Wikipedia explain how this quote is “misconstrued”: