Germany: Neo-Nazis Whine After Museum Bans White People from Visiting on Saturdays

I don’t think most of the world is even aware that Germany had colonies.

Doesn’t Germany suffer enough over that goofy gibberish about the fake shower room death chambers?

Do we really need to add the fact that they had a couple colonies in Africa to their list of sins against Judeo-democracy?


Police officers are gathered in front of the Zeche Zollern museum in Dortmund, the focus of what social networks are describing as a racism scandal.

The row centres around the exhibition ‘This is Colonialism’ and the museum’s decision to restrict white people from entering a small section of the display. For several months now, Saturdays at the museum have been reserved for black people and people of colour to explore a colonialism exhibition

Barbara Rüschoff-Parzinger, a white woman subverting her country

The museum claims the objective is not to be discriminatory, but to reserve a safe space for reflection for non-whites.

“This is about an affected group, so the request is that the affected people can also be themselves and talk among themselves… that’s the approach, to discuss a topic for oneself and with oneself and then just be free from other people,” said Barbara Rüschoff-Parzinger of the Department of Culture for the Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe.

There wouldn’t even be blacks in Germany if it wasn’t for cunts like this.

Also, I do not believe that blacks care about German colonialism before they were born, or that blacks in Germany visit this museum unless white women pay them to, or imply they will have sex with them afterward.

Germany’s colonial empire lasted for less than 40 years, but the whining about it is gonna last for thousands