Germany: New Law to Allow Kids to “Change” Gender and Name Without Parental Approval

They need more of these to defend the country from Putin

Children are now being given the right to “consent” to mutilating their bodies.

Where do you think this ends up?

Is anyone really confused about that?

Life Site News:

A new bill proposed by the German government would allow gender-confused children as young as 14 to change their first name and documented gender on government records, regardless of their parents’ wishes.

The legislation, which was drafted by the Interior Ministry (led by a Christian Democrat) and Justice Ministry (led by a Social Democrat), seeks to overhaul Germany’s documentation requirements, enabling courts to modify gender entries based on a single “expert opinion.” Current — already radically pro-LGBT — German law requires a double assessment.

The rule shift would apply to gender dysphoric minors who try to change their records, with courts deciding “the best interests of the child” in the event of parental pushback.

“For the application … the minor must have reached the age of 14” and obtained “the consent of his or her legal representative,” the bill states. “If the legal representative does not agree, the family court will replace the consent if the change in gender or first name does not contradict the best interests of the child.”

The kind of “expert opinion” that German courts could use to usurp parents’ authority may not even need to come from medical professionals, the bill indicates.

“If the person is a minor in proceedings … the court will collect the expert opinion of a person who, due to their training and professional experience, is sufficiently familiar with the specifics of transsexualism,” it reads.

“According to the wording, the person does not have to be trained as a specialist or psychotherapist, so the advice certificate could also be issued by a trans organization,” International Family News said.

Medical experts have similarly denounced the effects of transgenderism on minors, warning of permanent physical and mental damage. According to Dr. Michael Laidlaw, an endocrinologist trained at the University of Southern California, “lost years of bone development cannot be regained” by children given puberty-blockers.

Their “bone, brain, pelvic, and psychiatric development… may never fully occur,” he added.

The suppression of natural hormones during puberty also leaves adolescents “infertile without any possibility of having genetic offspring in the future,” the American College of Pediatrics (ACP) has said.

Moreover, “80 percent to 95 percent of pre-pubertal children with [gender dysphoria] will experience resolution by late adolescence if not exposed to social affirmation and medical intervention,” ACP noted. As many as 100% of the same children would go on to pursue mutilating transgender surgeries if affirmed in their gender dysphoria.

Yeah, I mean, it’s very obvious that the goal is just to destroy as many children as possible.

Everyone knows that.

But what the establishment has done is create a class of people – trannies – that are above reproach and cannot be questioned.

So we have to sacrifice our children to them.

These are people exactly like you and me, and you need to stop your irrational hatred for the color of the gaping wound