Germany: President of Major Protestant Charity Wants to Fire Any Employees That Vote for the AfD

You don’t even have to be a public supporter of the party.

All you have to do is vote for them, and you get banned from “German Christianity.”

“German Christianity” has become a gay terror group.

European Conservative:

Rüdiger Schuch, president of the Diakonie charitable organisation of German Protestant churches, wants to terminate the employment contracts of those who simply vote for the right-wing populist AfD.

They don’t even have to be members of the party. So far as Schuch is concerned, Germans who vote for the country’s second highest polling political party “can no longer count themselves as part of the church, because the AfD’s inhumane worldview contradicts the Christian view of humanity.”

Diakonie is one of the largest employers in Germany, with around 627,000 employees and around 700,000 volunteers—many of whom, polling would suggest, might vote for the AfD. The charitable organisation runs about 33,000 hospitals, nursing homes, daycare centres, and other social service centres.

Rüdiger Schuch’s fat faggot face tells you everything you need to know about him

Journalist Jan Fleischhauer said that Schuch’s approach would itself contradict the Christian worldview, telling Die Welt that “the Christian way would be not to slam the door in people’s faces, but to start a conversation.”

German economist Adam Gwiazda added that while Diakonie “operates under the slogan ‘love in practice.’ Love of neighbor, however, does not apply to AfD voters,” while the AfD’s Frank C. Hansel bashed Schuch’s comments as “crazy!”

Government officials have long been considering how to keep the AfD ‘in check,’ fearing the potential ramifications of their “right-wing extremist” policies. These efforts have prompted numerous two-faced calls, such as CDU Marco Wanderwitz’s push for a ban on the AfD because they want “​​to destroy our free, democratic basic order.”

Schuch said that his comments were intended to dissuade Diakonie workers for voting for the AfD, but stressed that “if that doesn’t change anything, there will have to be consequences under labor law.”

Junge Freiheit reported that the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany “unanimously approved the personnel decision.”

By most accounts, AfD is now the most popular party in Germany.

They’re the only party supporting what we used to call “Christian values,” so it’s unclear how anyone who identifies as a Christian could be opposed to them.

But Germans, both Protestant and Catholic, have been on the forefront of turning Christianity into a gigantic gay orgy.

It’s the Greens that are actually being oppressed, goy