Gerudo Diplomats in Trouble for Sexual Harassment of Zelda and Her Daughter

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2019

It’s hard to explain just how tiresome I find these Gerudo people. If I were to summarize my politics, it would be that I support any policy in the world that will ensure that there are less of them around for the generations that follow mine to enjoy.

Frankly, it’s really not too much to ask for.

Daily Mail:

A personal assistant was pestered for sex and asked to organise orgies by diplomats at the Qatari embassy in London, an employment tribunal heard.

Deanne Kingson, 58, was driven to the brink of suicide by a ‘spiteful and vindictive’ campaign of sexual and religious discrimination at the Gulf state’s headquarters in Mayfair.

Mrs Kingson – who has now been awarded a £390,000 compensation payout – was targeted by senior staff because she was not a Muslim and was seen as being ‘liable or willing to engage in sexual conduct with male employees’, the London tribunal heard.

You’d think we could just collectively decide that we’re not going to be tolerating them and their behavior anymore, but you’d be wrong. This is just like the Hyrulean/Hylians vs Gerudo scenario that the based Japs put in my vidya to remind me of the ancient conflict between our peoples.

No matter what year it is and no matter what alternate timeline the game tries to put you in, the problem returns to Ganondorf and the Gerudo trying to subvert Hyrule through trickery, black magic or outright war. It just never ends.

And it takes time before the people of Hyrule win out in the end.

What I don’t understand is how this wahmyn was able to tolerate their presence for all those years. I mean, they really are the absolute worst in terms of bad behavior. As much as I dislike Gorons, I can still tolerate their company in small doses – in fact, I think most Hyruleans can.

But Gerudos?


Executive ambassador Fahed Al-Mushairi was so desperate to take Mrs Kingson to bed, the tribunal heard, that he regularly invited her to chew khat – an Arabian plant and stimulant – at his penthouse flat in the hope she would become sexually aroused.

He made ‘persistent’ sexual advances towards her, including making humiliating and degrading sexual suggestions.

When she refused his demands, Al-Mushairi turned his attentions towards Mrs Kingson’s 19-year-old daughter, the tribunal was told.

On one occasion, he spoke to the teenager ‘in a sleazy way’, wrapping his gown around her and asking her mother to take a photo.

There is nothing that these people do that isn’t sleazy.

Over four years, Al-Mushairi badgered Mrs Kingson about taking her daughter on shopping trips to Paris to ‘buy her anything she wanted’ and even suggested he marry the teenager so they could have sex without breaching strict Islamic law.

The court was also told another diplomat, Ali Al Harjri, put pressure on Mrs Kingson to organise sex parties for him and tried to persuade her to go on holiday with him to Cuba.

Mrs Kingson, who is British, worked at the Qatari embassy between July 2006 and June 2014, earning around £30,000 a year. She is bilingual and can speak fluent Arabic.

She spent years turning down diplomats’ advances and was repeatedly threatened with the sack before eventually being fired without holiday pay in June 2014.

Judge Gill Brown awarded Mrs Kingson more than £115,000 for injury to feelings and psychiatric distress.

She accepted Mrs Kingson had felt fear, humiliation and shame throughout her eight years’ service and was regularly reduced to tears, both during and after the working day.

As a single mother of two dependent children, she felt unable to leave her job, but her treatment caused her to become mentally ill.

The tribunal heard that Mrs Kingson suffered sleepless nights, a loss of appetite and was ultimately diagnosed with clinical depression, leading her to contemplate suicide.

Judge Brown said: ‘I found she was subjected to humiliating treatment which violated her dignity and made her feel outraged and degraded and that she was insulted throughout her employment.


We’ve gotten some valuable data out of this experiment: White wahmen will tolerate flat-out harassment behavior for exactly 8 years – at which point, our princesses will say, “enough is enough – pay up.”

So if we count from the start of the migrant invasion in 2014/15, that means the Gerudo dominion over Europe will be tolerated up until about 2023. This 8-year gap is the time that it takes for a young Hyrulean to grow up into a hero – which is in keeping with the prophecies surrounding Gen Z.

It’s all coming together like pottery if you ask me.