Google Thinks About Offering Eternal Youth to Employees – the Downside is You Belong to Google

Nick Farrell
Tech Eye
July 23, 2013

Cyborg-1-C2Y4DQXD5Y-1024x768-12Google could one day offer its employees longer lives as part of their employment packages.

Silicon Valley employment packages are getting hard to top, particularly as the big companies are now allowed to headhunt. It seems that Google thinks that a longer life is something that staff will want.

Todd Carlisle, director of staffing at Google, suggested to ZDNet it could reach a point where the perks of working at a company include extending your life.

If that were the case then people would likely never leave. They would be incredibly loyal, he suggested.

What is weird about this scenario is that Google is headed in that direction.

Late last year it hired Ray Kurzweil who is a big fan of the singularity idea. This predicts life extension technologies will eventually extend people’s lives indefinitely and enable people to start using more robotic bodies.

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