Great News: Jews Confirm There is No Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza!

Tzipi Hotovely: I know what you’re thinking…
…but let’s zoom out.

Wow, this is a load off my back.

I thought there was a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, but it turns out there’s not!

Obviously, the Jews wouldn’t lie about something like this.


The Israeli ambassador to London has denied that a humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Gaza, arguing that the Palestinian militant group Hamas must “pay the price” for attacking Israeli civilians. 

Asked by Sky News about the situation in Gaza on Monday, Tzipi Hotovely replied: “There is no humanitarian crisis.”

“Israel is in charge of the safety of the Israelis. Hamas is in charge of the safety of Palestinians,” the diplomat said.

Well, that’s convenient!

She added that Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, “abused” humanitarian aid and, “instead of taking care of its people, it created [a] tunnel of terror,” using the funds to manufacture rockets, whose “main target is to hurt innocent Jews in their homes.”

I was in a tunnel of terror once. I hope I never have to go back.

Actually, I mean, now that I’m really thinking about that tunnel of terror, it was kind of a good time. I went with this Filipina chick, and then we got that ice cream made of bubbles.

Really, to make a final call on this, I’m going to need to contact the Israeli embassy and find out if Hamas is giving out that bubble ice cream.

This is the time [when] Hamas needs to pay the price for … killing innocent Israelis and now preventing its own people” from evacuating, the Israeli diplomat said. “We are giving them the opportunity to go south, to sheltered places. Unfortunately, the children of Kfar Aza, the people of Sderot, were not given this opportunity.”

They’re not preventing people from evacuating. That’s just a filthy Jewish lie.

There is no place to evacuate to. The Egyptians won’t open the border, because the US is telling them not to, and Sisi gets billions of dollars a year in free money from the US, so he does what he’s told to do.