“Hamas Accepts Ceasefire Deal” is Basically a Fake Headline, Israel Continues Bombing

Ben Shapiro is an Israeli government agent and the leader of the American conservative movement. His narrative on this ceasefire is that Israel never wanted a ceasefire and the Americans and the Arabs put this together, so Israel was under no obligation to accept it.

It actually seems like he’s right.

Israel did not put these terms out there. The terms were created by someone else.

The media has been hyping this up, and all the people in the Rafah camps were celebrating, thinking that the Jews had somehow accepted these terms. Then the Jews started bombing immediately after.

This was basically just a big hoax.

Of course Hamas is going to accept a deal that says they’ll give back the hostages if Israel never attacks them again. This was always their proposal. And of course Israel is going to reject that.

Moreover: Netanyahu actually said that even if Hamas accepted the terms that Israel had put forward, he was not stopping the war (which is what “ceasefire” means). This means he was going to refuse to honor his own terms, even if Hamas accepted those terms. But Hamas refused those terms anyway, and the Arabs gave them different terms, which the Israelis had not agreed to.

The Americans just wanted to claim they were trying to do diplomacy, even as they continue to send the Jews weapons.


Israel said the terms of a ceasefire proposal Hamas accepted on Monday remained “far from” meeting its demands and warned its military operations in Rafah would continue, even as it sent negotiators to talk to mediators.

In a statement Monday, Hamas said the head of its political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, told the Qatari prime minister and Egyptian intelligence minister that the militant group had accepted their proposals for a ceasefire and hostage deal.

Palestinians celebrated that statement in the streets of Gaza, while in Tel Aviv, hostage families and their supporters implored Israel’s leaders to accept the deal.

However, shortly afterwards, Israel said the terms Hamas had accepted were still far from meeting its “requirements,” and reiterated its commitment to an offensive in the southern Gaza city of Rafah, saying its war cabinet had “unanimously decided” to continue with the operation “to exert military pressure on Hamas.” It did agree, though, to send a delegation to the mediators for further talks.

Later on Monday evening, the Israel Defense Forces said it was “conducting targeted strikes against Hamas terror targets in eastern Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.” Video and images obtained by CNN showed multiple explosions in the Rafah area on Monday night.

CNN political and global affairs analyst Barak Ravid said Israeli forces were going to take over the Palestinian side of the Rafah crossing in the next few hours, citing two sources with direct knowledge.

The news comes just hours after Israel ordered Palestinians living in Rafah, a city in southern Gaza, to “evacuate immediately.”

Ceasefire talks will continue on Tuesday, the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Dr. Majed bin Mohammed Al-Ansari said in a statement early on Tuesday local time.

Yeah, well.


This seems retarded, but okay.

After the videos of the Arab children dancing when they heard of a ceasefire, we see the Jews dancing as they move in to slaughter those same children.

Interesting dichotomy.