Israel Targets Gaza Refugee Camp Home, Kills 31 People and Wounds 20

It’s almost ridiculous to report a story like this, because it is happening every day, and to report it makes it sound like it’s a unique event.

However, “tens of thousands of dead” is a statistic. People must know that these are real people that the Jews are slaughtering.

The Guardian:

Gaza’s civil defence agency has said that an Israeli airstrike targeting a house at Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza killed at least 31 people, updating an earlier toll.

“The civil defence crew were able to recover 31 martyrs and 20 wounded from a house belonging to the Hassan family, which was targeted by the Israeli occupation forces in the Nuseirat camp,” Gaza civil defence agency spokesperson Mahmud Bassal told journalists.

It goes without saying that Hamas is not in refugee camps. Hamas is in tunnels, not dying.

Israel bombs refugee camps to kill random, innocent people.

This is Jews. This is the face of the Jewish race.

This is who these people are.

They are born murderers, just like their father Satan.