Hamas Holding Positions in Northern Gaza That Israel Defines as “Cleared” (They Might Skip Rafah and Go Straight for Lebanon)

So is this like a Fortnite thing? I would approve bigly if Elvis started doing a Fortnite theme for Hamas. I would also approve of a Dragonball theme. Elvis and me are cool, by the way, and we talk and are good friends, but I just think it’s funny to publicly post my commentary on his art. I like this picture a lot, by the way.

You may remember I told you this.

There were all of these morons saying “well, it looks like Israel is going to go ahead and ‘take Gaza.'”

I was like “breh… wtf does that even mean?”

The Guardian:

There may be more Hamas militants in the north of Gaza, supposedly cleared by Israeli forces months ago, than in Rafah, the southern city in the territory described by Israeli officials as the extremist Islamist organisation’s “last stronghold”, analysts believe.

More than 1 million people have fled Rafah, Gaza’s southernmost city, after instructions from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the biggest wave of displacement since the early months of the conflict. The IDF has said repeatedly that four Hamas brigades – the militant Islamist organisation’s biggest remaining force – is based in Rafah.

But though Israeli forces have now invaded Rafah, it was fighting in Jabaliya, the second-most populous town in northern Gaza, that was described last month by IDF officials as “perhaps the fiercest” yet seen in the seventh-month-long conflict.

We do have to remember there are more Hamas armed people in the north of Gaza in the places that the IDF has already moved out of than … in Rafah … Those are the IDF’s numbers. This is why the IDF had to go back into Jabaliya and … Zeitoun [a nearby town]. Hamas is controlling all those areas,” Eyal Hulata, the head of Israel’s national security council from 2021 to last year, told reporters last month.

The fact that Hamas actually controls territory and the Jews cannot remove them with all of their soldiers and tanks is just incredible.

I predicted they would control the tunnels indefinitely, and be able to pop up and hit and run, but they are controlling areas above ground.

I predicted a Hamas victory from day 1, while all of these media people – including some right-wing morons who are too stupid to read this website and just copy everything I say, even though I am right about everything – were saying Israel was going to “take Gaza” like it was a game of Starcraft, where all you have to do is destroy the Command Center and the “victory” screen pops up.

Even most think tanks were spewing this bullshit. Though to be fair, some of them were a bit more conservative.

Israeli officials, including the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, have long claimed that the ongoing offensive in Rafah, despite strong opposition from many allies, will achieve their stated war aims of destroying Hamas’s capability to threaten Israel and freeing hostages held by the group.

The battles in Jabaliya between lightly armed Hamas militants and a powerful IDF force underlined the ability of Hamas to return to parts of Gaza from which it was forced to retreat by earlier Israeli offensives, threatening a “forever war” for months or even years to come, as Israel tries to stamp out a tenacious insurgency, experts say.

Hamas are way better fighters, and unlike the Jews, they actually had a plan.

(The Jews also technically had a plan, which I will elaborate on below.)

“Hamas was in complete control here in Jabaliya until we arrived a few days ago,” the IDF said before its May operation, four months after its spokesperson Daniel Hagari claimed that militants were operating in the area only sporadically and “without commanders”. Last week, Israel said its offensive in Jabaliya was complete, but it is not clear whether the militants were defeated or had simply moved elsewhere.

The difficulties faced by the IDF in achieving a decisive victory may discourage Hamas from agreeing to a new peace deal presented by Joe Biden on Friday.

Sources close to Hamas say Yahya Sinwar, its leader in Gaza, believes that the humanitarian crisis in the territory and growing international outrage towards Israel strengthens Hamas in negotiations.

Hamas is winning “the war.”

In this situation, all Hamas has to do is survive. And they are doing a lot more than surviving. They are literally retaking key positions for launching rockets at “Israel.”

The Jews are saying that slaughtering Rafah refugee camps will “defeat Hamas,” while Hamas continues to be fully operational in northern Gaza.

The only possible way to “defeat Hamas” would be to kill absolutely everyone in Gaza and then starve out Hamas, which would take years.

This “war” was a scam from the beginning. If Israel had had the ability to “destroy Hamas,” they would have done it years ago. They never had that ability and they don’t have that ability now.

Infinity high tech American weapons do not change this situation at all.

But none of this is really even the point. The goal of the Jews was to create a massive chaos situation that would ultimately lead to a war between the US and Iran.

With Hamas back in northern Gaza, I think:

  • You’re going to start hearing about how they are being “fueled by Hezbollah”
  • Israel will start more seriously bombing and then eventually trying a land invasion of Lebanon
  • Iran will react
  • Something something something
  • Israel bombs Iran
  • Naval battle between US and Iran
  • Something something something
  • US ground forces in Yemen
  • Something something something
  • US starts mobilizing for a real war with Iran

The “something something somethings” are intended to mark events that no one could possibly predict.

But that outline is what is going to happen.

This was always the Jewish plan, and the US has no ability to stop it, short of cutting Israel off, which is impossible.

I also don’t have a timeframe on this. But if the “real war with Iran” involves boots on the ground, Trump will have to “win” the fake US election, because there is no way, even with a draft, Biden can get the number of troops he needs mobilized.

The September 2022 protests were no joke.

I can think of something I could close that mouth with. [NOTE: I’m talking about my penis.]
I could shove something in that mouth as well. [NOTE: I am again talking about my penis.]
I can’t think of anything I could close that mouth with. [NOTE: I’m not shoving my penis in that mouth.]
Great slogan. [NOTE: that is a terrible slogan.]
They always have English signs. Always. But these bitches are like “well, let’s make sure the French know too.” [NOTE: the French media would explain the English signs. The purpose of English signs is to signal that it is an American-backed movement, not to explain what the protest is about, which everyone already understands – they want to go full-whore.]
[NOTE: This is why I should have had that surgery to install an extra penis.]
The funniest thing on earth is protesting the hijab while wearing a virus mask.
This one looks like a demand for African immigrants. [Note: I hope you get that joke.]

It’s not hard to visualize someone thinking that they can get a stressful war going, mostly at sea, and then trigger these sleeper agent protest groups they have established. Certainly, if Iran was forced to use live ammo on women, that would get “moderates” out on the street and trigger a civil war that Israel would win.

What’s more, they have routes set up in Azerbaijan to funnel in ISIS types.

But I think these lunatics are ready for a ground war. They were planning a ground invasion of Iran in 2002, so it’s definitely something that has been on the table and I see no reason why it would have been taken off.

(Please remember to remember that I am right about everything, pretty much all the time. If you think there is someone with a better record, give me a name, because I’d like to read him. It would also take a lot of pressure off of me, frankly. It’s bizarre to be the guy with the best geopolitical analysis in the world and have the articles filled with blowjob jokes. But it does sort of fit the era, doesn’t it?)

This one’s for my niggas in the tunnels: