CIA Denounces Bibi as Unhinged, Says He Thinks He Can Get Away with Anything

The CIA is the one organization in America that has maintained some form of independence.

Obviously, I’m not a big fan of the CIA, but, quite hilariously, they are the ones actually attempting to inject some kind of sense into the Biden Administration and the State Department’s push for infinity wars with the whole world.


A CIA assessment circulated among US officials this week concluded that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu likely judges he can get away without defining a post-war plan — even as the Biden administration has launched a full-court press to pressure him to bring an end to the conflict in Gaza.

Netanyahu “probably believes he can maintain support from his security chiefs and prevent defections” from the right wing of his coalition by discussing the future of Gaza in “vague terms,” the June 3 report, reviewed by CNN, reads.

The assessment — which has not been previously reported — represents one of the most up to date intelligence assessments about Netanyahu’s mindset that has been circulated among senior US officials, according to a source familiar with internal reporting.

He thinks he’s invincible.

He believes he gets magic powers from his demon gods.

It comes amid a clear shift in how the Biden administration views Israel: less as a trusted partner and more as an unpredictable foreign government to be analyzed and understood.

The CIA declined to comment when asked about CNN’s reporting.

The assessment highlights how the Israeli leader is defying pressure from members of his own government and the Biden administration to define an “end state” for Gaza and warns what Netanyahu has said publicly is likely true: that he will only engage seriously on post-war issues after meeting “what he sees as key security benchmarks, which may take months.”

He is saying he is going to “destroy Hamas.” This is impossible – at least without killing literally everyone in Gaza – but this is what he keeps saying.

I’m not really sure he does think that, however. I think it is more likely he is going to start a war with Lebanon and then just hope people forget about the Gaza situation.

According to the assessment, those benchmarks include completing “major military operations” — something analysts have said is deliberately vague — as well as eliminating Hamas military commander Mohammed Deif.

The CIA assessment highlights that, within Israel, there is no consensus on the postwar plan for Gaza, indicating each cabinet minister’s ranging views on postwar governance, security and reconstruction.

Netanyahu, for example, is depicted alongside a blurb noting he “prefers a coalition of moderate Arab states to manage the territory with eventual participation” from other leaders.

Other Israeli leaders are depicted as having various views on future governance that are diametrically opposed to those attributed to Netanyahu.

Overall, the assessment illustrates how Israel’s coalition government remains deeply divided over several critical post-war issues – supporting the CIA’s broader conclusion that a lack of unity among Netanyahu’s political rivals could enable his continued defiance of any pressure to define a plan for Gaza once the conflict ends.

I don’t know if they are deeply divided.

I think they are just saying whatever. They are throwing out all different kinds of bullshit to dazzle the goyim and try to prevent them from making sense about what exactly is going on.

It was considered common knowledge in the Western media that Israel would have no problem defeating Hamas in a few months. This was even promoted by right-wing morons. I was the one sitting here saying “yeah, well – there are a lot of tunnels and the IDF is not really a serious military and basically, Netanyahu’s objectives are totally impossible.”

Now, I was proved right again.

I will also be proved right when Israel attacks Lebanon as part of a strategy to get the US involved in a war with Iran.

At that point, no one is going to be paying any attention at all to Gaza. It won’t matter on the world stage.

This was always the plan of the Netanyahu government. They are not confused.

I don’t know if I believe the CIA doesn’t understand this or if they are lying about not understanding it, but I do know that I’m right and they’re wrong.

I do give them credit, however, for pushing back against the Biden/Trump narrative about “finishing the job.”