Has Negro MP David Lammy Been Sending Fake Race-Hate Letters to Himself?

Daily Stormer
July 12, 2019

David Lammy MP, one of the great agitators for the negro cause in Great Britain, has been burnishing his much-coveted victimhood credentials again.

He does this semi-regularly by brandishing race hate messages he claims to have received.

But are these messages all they appear to be? Watch the video above and start to doubt.

You might think no politician could possibly be so dumb as to risk their entire career by sending fake letters to themselves.

But the Sons of Africa are not noted for their intellectual prowess, nor is David Lammy.

This is the guy, remember, who, when asked on Celebrity Mastermind the name of Henry the Eighth’s successor, replied: Henry the Seventh.

He also thought Marie Antoinette had won a Nobel Prize for Physics.