Hogwart’s Legacy Breaks Records on Steam – Apparently, Everyone Despises Trannies as Much as They Should

The Harry Potter game is doing very well, despite calls from trannies to boycott it.


SteamDB, which tracks concurrent players on the PC platform Steam, recorded 783,277 players on Hogwarts legacy as of 1 p.m. Saturday, marking the second-largest player count ever recorded in a 24-hour span.

The game trails only PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, which ranks first all-time with a 24-hour peak of 1,320,219.

Hogwarts Legacy’s total marks the eighth-largest peak on Steam of all-time and is the third-ranked single-player game, trailing Elden Ring (953,426) and Cyberpunk 2077 (1,295,114)

It’s great to see.

We can’t really know how many people love trannies because everyone is supposed to lie about it. This is a good indicator that people will not sacrifice their own entertainment because trannies demand it of them.

Hopefully, we end up seeing something similar with Atomic Heart, which trannies are also saying should be boycotted because it is Russian.

Personally, I am not a Harry Potter fan. I also don’t really have time to spend playing these open world games. (Typically, I only play games that I can play while listening to podcasts or university lectures in the background.) I thought about buying this to show support for JK Rowling’s brutal war against the tranny scum, but decided I don’t really have $60 to spend. Or rather, I only have $60 to spend, and I’d rather get Atomic Heart.

In fact, I might stream it.

I have to check on Paul Town’s monero-based superchat system. It seems like I have some options for a streaming platform now, especially if I don’t get political.

Atomic Heart comes out in a week. If I’m going to stream it, I will announce it here. It won’t appeal to all readers, of course. It would just be a standard gaming stream. But it could be fun. I should at least see if there is a market for it.