Hong Kong Savages Set Man on Fire for Not Being Down with Globohomo!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 11, 2019

Another day brings another atrocity committed by the roaming gangs of CIA-sponsored Human Rights Democracy Freedom ™ protestors in Hong Hong.


A deeply disturbing video shows Hong Kong rioters dousing a man in flammable liquid and setting him on fire, reportedly because the victim disagreed with their increasingly violent political movement.

In the clip, a man is seen in a verbal confrontation with several protesters. Angered by his insistence that “we are all Chinese,” the rioters drench the man in a flammable substance and then set him on fire. The terrifying video shows flames consuming the man’s face and body as he tries to flee. Bystanders can be heard screaming as the rioters run away. Several small fires continue to burn on the concrete walkway – while the victim appears to run into a crowd of people. His condition is unknown.

Show me what democracy looks like!  ??

This is what democracy looks like! ??????

The incident took place on Monday afternoon in Ma On Shan as masked rioters rampaged through the city, according to the Global Times.

What began as peaceful demonstrations against a now-abandoned extradition bill with mainland China has morphed into street riots and other forms of political violence. Last week, a pro-Beijing lawmaker was stabbed in Hong Kong, in an apparent assassination attempt. Numerous videos have documented masked demonstrators setting fires, destroying public infrastructure, and attacking bystanders and police.

If your country refuses to go along with the Jews’ agenda willingly, you’ll be forced to deal with Antifa-style terrorism in the streets.

If there is any rhyme or reason to this Africa-tier violence, it is to generate intense public outcry from normal Chinese for the government to do something to clamp down on the violent terrorists who have taken over the streets. It doesn’t matter how justified and lawful the crackdown will be. Only the Russian media will give it semi-objective coverage, while every other media outlet will just keep pushing the tired Human Rights Freedom Democracy ™ line and trying to force-meme Xi Jinping as Winnie the Pooh to get the clapping seals who think Reddit-tier humor is funny on board with a war.

Those tiggers really tick me off, Piglet.

Meanwhile, we hang in anticipation to learn the fate of Ghost Rider, whose whereabouts are still unknown at the moment.

I suspect a revenge arc is the works as we speak. 

The Honk Kong sodomites might have that stupid bear meme, but China just got the vengeful spirit of Ghost Rider whipping these skinny-fat brats into line on their side.

If Beijing won’t rise to the occasion, well we know now who will.