Houthis Offer Suspended US Students Spots at Houthi University

It looks like a really fun place

Man, Houthi University sounds like a lot more fun than Columbia.

This is a big level up for these students.


Sanaa University, reportedly run by the Houthi militant group, has offered students suspended from US universities for staging pro-Palestinian protests the opportunity to study in Yemen’s capital.

More than 2,000 people have been arrested during demonstrations which have been held at dozens of US college campuses in recent weeks, resulting in many of them being suspended.

“We are serious about welcoming students that have been suspended from US universities for supporting Palestinians,” an official at Yemen’s Sanaa University was quoted as telling Reuters. “We are fighting this battle with Palestine in every way we can,” he reportedly claimed.

Sanaa University had issued a statement applauding the “humanitarian” position of the American students, saying they could continue their studies in Yemen.

Students have set up protest camps at more than 40 colleges across the US since mid-April, demanding that both Washington and their universities cut ties with Israel and put an end to the violence in Gaza. Many of the schools, including Columbia University in New York City, have called in police to quell the demonstrations.

If I were a younger man, I would be at these student protests. And I would accept this offer to go to Houthi University.

Imagine the kind of stuff you would see there.

Way more fun.

No worries about annoying sluts at Houthi University!