How Many Pints of Baby Blood are Needed to Keep a Royal Alive?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 26, 2019

Members of the Royal Family either die in suspicious accidents or they go on living forever. There doesn’t seem to be any in-between with these people. They’re always just one more organ transplant or blood infusion away from cheating the reaper.

Prince Phillip was taken to the hospital, but then released after four days. He will no doubt attempt to live for another hundred years.

Daily Mail:

The Duke of Edinburgh arrived at Sandringham to rapturous applause today, after being released from hospital in time to spend Christmas Day with his family.

Visitors and well-wishers on the ground cheered and clapped as the 98-year-old flew into the estate this morning, where he will join his wife, children and grandchildren.

Dressed in a suit and tie, Prince Philip had left King Edward VII’s hospital in central London at 8.49am before being driven to Buckingham Palace and then flown by helicopter Sandringham in Norfolk, arriving at 9.40am.

The Duke thanked medical staff and shook the hand of his nurse as he left the hospital where he had spent four nights, before walking to his car unaided.

Now, as far as royals go, the Duke of Edinburgh is relatively scandal-free. It’s quite an accomplishment, especially considering how you can’t say the same about literally everyone that has surrounded him.

The most concerning part about his career was his close relationship with Lord Mountbatten, who was a serial pedo known for molesting cadets until the IRA blew him to smithereens. Prince Phillip was very close with Lord Mountbatten, and he gave his son Prince Charles the Big-Eared over into his tender care.

Of course, like all the royals, Prince Phillip was very chummy with Jimmy Savile – the Grand Pedo Poobah of the British Isles. Jimmy bragged about procuring young girls for Prince Phillip on British national television.

Knowing what we know about Jimmy now, this clip has not aged well.

People have postulated that there was more than just good old-fashioned camaraderie between Lord Mountbatten and Prince Phillip. Buggery and elite society seem to go hand-in-hand.

And knowing what we know about how the elites use blackmail and gay sex to keep their secrets, questions do arise about why Prince Phillip surrounded himself with homosexual pedos.

What makes this even eerier is when you start asking questions about why George Lucas chose to associate the shadowy evil lords of the galaxy with yellow-red eyes and the whole walking corpse aesthetic.

Was he exposed to a lot of Sith in Hollywood?

Because Lucas really nailed the Royals look, that’s for sure:

Another question that people fail to ask about the royals is why they insist on living so long.

What exactly does the good Prince do that he needs another 100 years of life and another 6 million pints of child blood to do? Does he have some sort of mission to help humanity that we don’t know about? Why are they keeping him alive? And why are all of these elites so afraid of death?

There is only one answer: they all fear the hellfire that awaits them. 

But these shuffling corpses are all due to start going senile soon and the next generation of pedo-elites just aren’t up to snuff. As Christians, we have nothing to fear in death and that is our greatest single advantage over our enemies who desperately cling to their wretched lives and who lie awake at night fearing death and the horror that awaits them in the next life.

The stolen baby blood of goyim children can only keep you alive for so long. 

Jesus and eternal judgement awaits.