Humans are Going to Live in Tiny Flats the Size of Disabled Parking Spaces

The government imports countless third world people into your country because there are not enough people around, and because there are not enough people around, you’ll have to live in a tiny flat to free space up for all of the foreigners that need to come into your country.

After the totalitarian police state uses its Antiviral Authority to establish what they call a “New World Order,” everyone will be forced to live like this.

This “trend” will eventually permeate every Western country.

Daily Mail:

Shoe-box flats the size of disabled parking bays have been green-lighted for construction, flying in the face of a fierce backlash.

Developers have brushed off criticism over their 182-square foot apartments and insist the micro-homes are ‘a perfectly reasonable size‘.

A kitchen, bathroom and bedroom cram inside the proposed rooms, which will be fitted inside a building on Huntingdon Road, Cambridge.

Appliances are squeezed into every corner of the micro-homes, with a fridge, a cupboard, hobs, a washing machine, a bed and a desk pressed against the walls.

Campaigners are up in arms over the development, branding the flats ‘appalling’ and are petitioning for the plans to be ripped up.

Marchingdale Developments, which are building the flats next yards away from Cambridge University, said it was disappointed with the criticism and added the plans were fully compliant with legislation.

A spokesman said: ‘The prior approval process was introduced by central government in 2013 to increase the delivery of housing and to promote the reuse of vacant office buildings.

The units are of a perfectly reasonable size, allowing for all of the necessary functions to support daily life, and our clients are very clear that there is both a need and demand in Cambridge for the form of accommodation proposed.

The house arrest lifestyle will definitely be less enjoyable in such tiny prison cells inhabitable spaces, but people are not likely to complain much – just like they didn’t complain much when all of their rights were literally and blatantly taken away.

After all, just like the lockdown, this will keep people safe because it will destroy the family and force everyone to live alone, reducing the chances of spreading the flu.

Everyone will live a bug’s life.

One prison cell “house,” one person.

One suit, one human.