I Could Use More Triumphal Russian Headlines About Things Being Blown Up in the Ukraine

I like this RT headline at a lot:

Frankly, I would be fine with a lot more triumphalism surrounding the Ukraine war, and I’m pretty sure the Russian people would be as well.

“HAHA – look at this shit we just blew up!” is a message that is going to resonate with people who have been exhausted by the moral grandstanding of the West and their allies in Kiev.

I’ve been calling for grandstanding about destroying things in the Ukraine since the beginning, and have tried to practice it, but the Russian media has been much more restrained. Even Russia’s talk show class has refused to push things too far.

Hopefully, in the wake of the Ukies killing all those people at the concert, we’re going to see a lot more triumphalism on the part of the Russians.

Frankly, this is a really obvious aspect of war propaganda. People want to celebrate the destruction of the enemy that is trying to hurt them and their families. I agree with Putin’s point during the Tucker Carlson interview that “Americans are the masters of propaganda,” but if that thinking is used to say “we shouldn’t even try,” then it’s not a good attitude.