Wacky Kook Macron Now Calling for Nuclear War

What is this?

Is he just a big joker?

People think he’s insane.


France must open a debate on building up a pan-European defense capability, to include rethinking its own nuclear potential, French President Emmanuel Macron has said.

Speaking to a group of young people at the European School in Strasbourg on Friday, Macron stressed that while France is already protected by NATO, it “must now go further” to ensure its security and “build a credible European defense.”

Why is everyone planning all of these wars?

Is that what anyone actually wants? It’s not even a rhetorical question. Maybe white people like this?

No one else in the world likes it. The Chinese are trying to make money. Everyone else is like “yo, yeah, these small-eyed cats know what’s up – let’s make huge money.” But the leaders of every white country (excluding Russia) are out there saying “actually, let’s start massive wars all over the world.”

To what extent do these people actually represent the population? If they don’t represent the population, at least on some level, then how is such egregious nonsense tolerated for so long?

He noted that guaranteeing that security “may mean deploying anti-missile shields” to be able to deter the use of nuclear weapons. “Being credible also means having long-range missiles that would deter the Russians,” he added.

Numerous Western leaders have insisted on boosting defense capabilities amid the Ukraine conflict, citing fears that Russia could attack NATO within a few years.

Yeah, but no one actually thinks that’s going to happen, or that it is possible that Russia could even do that in the first place. They say it over and over, but it’s so obviously retarded, that it’s inconceivable that adult men believe it.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, however, has dismissed such speculation as “nonsense,” pointing to the fact that the US, NATO’s largest contributor, spends ten times more on defense than Moscow. He has also stated that current geopolitical tensions are largely due to NATO’s decision to ignore Russian security interests.

Explaining his stance on nuclear weapons, Macron went on to say that while France would use its arsenal only if its vital interests were threatened, those interests also have a European dimension. This means that French nuclear doctrine should contribute to the credibility of the continent’s defense, he said.

He’s saying he’ll nuke Russia if Russia invades Poland.

Meanwhile, the entirety of Europe is obsessed with trying to bait Russia into invading Poland.

Further, the Europeans can just attack Poland themselves and then blame Russia and then start firing nukes.

This is all just madness. None of it makes any sense.

What is the goal?

If the French don’t support this plan for endless war, why did they vote for such a twisted sexual deviant?

Surely, everyone understand that guy was going to start some weird shit.