I Think You Screwed Up This Headline, Bruv


Look. It’s Sunday, and I’m tired.

I’m dialing it in.

I think I did a couple of okay articles.


In this article, you are treated to this:

I don’t know if ChatGPT is writing the New York Post now, or if they’re still using Indians, or how something like that happens, but – although I’m admittedly not at the top of my game today – I had to open the article to realize they weren’t calling the woman deranged and basically implying she had it coming.

Using the red text as a jump-out summary word – I forget what that is even called (it was basically invented by BuzzFeed and there is some name for it now in journalism) – is a model they use for the front page. Because it’s a tabloid.

Anyway, the bitch probably was deranged – I don’t know why else someone would beat her to death with a baseball bat. People who are easy to get along with rarely have lives that end in a baseball bat beating.