Iceland: Over 20,000 Earthquakes in 1 Week, Apocalyptic Multi-Volcanic Eruption Coming Soon

It’s impossible to know if this is truly the Biblical apocalypse, or if it just seems like it.

If it is the Biblical apocalypse, then there will be an increase in natural disasters.

Sputnik News:

Iceland spent the last week waking up and falling asleep to thousands of earthquakes, which left the country’s geologists on guard. According to the Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO), 20,000 earthquakes occurred in the country last week and the agency says the swarm of seismic activity is continuing. The IMO said all signs point to a volcanic eruption being imminent, although the agency did not provide a timeline for the event.

According to the IMO, the seismic activity may “wake up” five active volcanoes on the Reykjanes Peninsula and warned of an increased landslide risk in the area.

Although scientists say that the potential eruptions are likely to pose little threat to people and the environment, Dave McGarvie, a volcanologist from Lancaster University in the UK, notes that because the last time Iceland experienced such a marathon of seismic activity, which led to volcanic eruptions, was in the 1300s, researchers don’t know what signals to look for to prepare for an eruption.

Did you know that the theory of the earth having a core of molten lava inside of it is just a theory?


No one actually knows what’s inside the earth. We’ve only dug down 8 miles. Yet, they teach you this in school as if it’s a fact.

Just to give you an idea how silly this is, they also teach children what is inside of other planets.

How do they know that?

Well, obviously they don’t. And if you hear their explanation for why they teach it in schools and universities, it probably would not be a very good one.

Most of “science” follows this model – they come up with a theory, then they start shilling it everywhere.

The lava and tectonic plates theory makes a lot more sense than a lot of what they tell us is science, but there is simply no reason why every single geology lesson shouldn’t start with: “this is a theory and we’ve only actually dug 8 miles into the earth.”

By the way, one reason they promote this idea that they know what’s inside the earth is they want to promote the idea that there is a limited amount of oil. The theory is called “peak oil.”

Many people have argued – probably accurately – that the earth has virtually unlimited oil, and we could use it forever without any consequences. There are theories that the earth makes the oil through a chemical process inside of it. You might still be able to find videos about this on YouTube, but I’m sure they’re clearing those out. (Most people are focused on political censorship, but they are doing every single kind of censorship in the background, and no one is tracking it.)

The other, bigger and philosophical reason they pretend to know everything is to push their atheism hoax – “there’s no mystery, we know how everything works already, people who believed in God were primitives.”

The real threat to Iceland’s existence