Ideas for Future Rotherham Demonstrations

Max Musson
Western Spring
September 3, 2014

National Front spontaneous demonstration in Rotherham.

Following the recent publication of Professor Alexis Jay’s report into paedophile grooming of White girls by Muslim gangs in Rotherham, some nationalist and nominally patriotic organisations have wanted to be the first to organise some sort of public protest in the town, protesting at the scandalous way in which the authorities in Rotherham contrived to conceal the true scale and nature of what was going on. Indeed the National Front staged a hurriedly arranged demonstration last Saturday in conjunction with the North West Infidels. Approximately thirty of their members and supporters marched through the town centre before eventually being escorted away by the police and kettled in Greasbrough Road outside The Bridge Inn.

While it is good that National Front members and members of the North West Infidels wanted to express their anger at what has taken place and were prepared to go onto the streets in protest, their demonstration appears to have achieved little beyond alienating those officers of the Humberside Police drafted in to control the situation.

A video of the National Front demonstration features a short speech by NF Chairman, Kevin Bryan, in which he states, “What is happening in this town is not unique to this country. It is happening in every town and every city.

“Young White girls being groomed by Muslim gangs and Muslim paedophiles.

“The National Front has a solution, and that is to hang paedophiles. Whether they are Muslim or White, they all need to swing by the neck.”

These are very laudable sentiments, but shouldn’t the primary message have been, that Third World immigrants have no place in this country and that their entire communities should be repatriated to their land of ethnic origin?

The hanging of paedophiles treats the symptoms of the ‘disease’, but we need to remove the source from which those pathogens spread.

nfedl (1)
Outside the Police Station.

Before any more demonstrations take place therefore, those planning them need to give more thought to the message they wish to convey and they need to invest more time in making sure that the demonstration takes a form and is of such a size that their actions have some kind of lasting and positive impact upon the public.

It is unacceptable that a demonstration of our righteous outrage at the abuse of young White girls should descend into the football hooligan-esque chanting of “You’re not English any more!” and the counterproductive verbal abuse of police officers from a neighbouring area, and who may very well not have been complicit in the cover-up about which the protest is being made.

Kevin Bryon was right in what he said about the events in Rotherham not being unique. It is evident that Muslim paedophile gangs have been active and are still active in every large town and city across this country. The worst abuses and corruption have been identified at Rotherham, but police forces and social services across most of the country have been complicit in turning a blind eye to the criminal activities of immigrant gangs.

Our protests therefore should not be confined to Rotherham, but should take place in towns and cities all across Britain. Indeed once we acknowledge this fact, it gives us far more flexibility in choosing a location for our protests and it means that the police, should they attempt to suppress our protests, can be stretched beyond their ability to cover all of the possible locations. By striking simultaneously at a number of randomly chosen locations, decided at the last minute, we can ensure that the police are wrong-footed and unable to kettle our demonstrators.

To effect a number of ‘lightening demonstrations’ we simply need to ensure that the bulk of our demonstrators are mobile. That is, we have enough motor vehicles organised to move them rapidly from one town to another. The police may attempt to follow if our cars move in convoy, but if they don’t, and they take a variety of routes, there will not be enough police cars to follow even the bulk of our vehicles. They will not be able to afford to follow dozens of cars, motorcycles and mini-buses even by car, let alone by helicopter.

300 anti-grooming leaflets were handed out.

Furthermore, by holding, say a dozen simultaneous demonstrations at different locations across the country, such demonstrations will be within reach of many, many more of our activists and even if we simply replicate at each location, no more than the National Front achieved in Rotherham last weekend, the impact will be much greater – twelve times the number of demonstrations — twelve times the number of demonstrators – but more than twelve times the impact! The police will not be able to kettle all of these demonstrations and therefore the demonstrations will on average be more effective.

Holding demonstrations on the 13th of this month makes sense because we already have the English Defence League planning a demonstration for that day, and they will act as a decoy, ensuring that the bulk of the police in South Yorkshire will be pre-occupied with them, while we demonstrate at alternative locations relatively unhindered.

Finally, there is a need for nationalist groups to collaborate in staging larger and more numerous demonstrations. It should no longer be acceptable for any one organisation to try to hog the limelight, restricting participation to their membership only, especially as no one organisation can muster many more than a couple of dozen demonstrators at any one location. We must stop damaging our cause by staging demonstrations of organisational weakness. Static demonstrations of fewer than fifty demonstrators must become a thing of the past and any organisation refusing to involve other nationalist groups, that fails to muster at least fifty people for a static demonstration, should rightly face the charge of wilfully or recklessly damaging the reputation of the nationalist movement as a whole.

After Rotherham, the NF moved on to Wakefield.

It is not realistic to expect the membership of all but one nationalist organisation to resign and join just one group, because no one group has the reputation or proven track record to justify such a move. But the leaders of the various nationalist groups can create a ‘national council’ capable of co-ordinating the actions of the movement as a whole. The leaders who in this way participate will then have ample opportunity to demonstrate their leadership prowess to a movement-wide audience and we will then all inexorably move, through a process of dynamic convergence, towards movement-wide unity and immeasurably greater efficiency and impact thereafter.

Only self-serving ‘leaders’ who doubt their own ability and fear they will not ‘measure-up’, will wilfully choose to perpetuate the fragmented movement that we currently have in preference to movement-wide organisational unity.

For more than two decades, while we have squabbled amongst ourselves and remained weak and divided, thousands of young White girls have been lured into childhood prostitution and in many cases repeatedly gang raped by disgusting immigrant paedophiles and their suffering has been ignored by the elected and appointed authorities in this country. We have been too weak to organise and fight on their behalf. We owe it to those young girls and their families to make our protests more effective so that their suffering will end and so that they will have justice – the abusers and their apologists will be punished and the communities from which the abusers sprang, in which child sexual abuse is a cultural norm and endemic, who turned a blind eye and facilitated the abuse, will be permanently expelled from this country.

If you are in a leadership position within a nationalist group or even if you are just an ordinary member, and you wish to help bring about nationalist unity in this country, then email me, delay. Do it now!

Outside Wakefield Cathedral.