If the Government Loves You So Much They Will Change the Weather for Your Comfort, Why Don’t They Care That the Water is Poisoned?

Why are multinational corporations allowed to poison the global water supply?

The same people telling you that cow farts are going to change the weather completely refuse to talk about this issue.

Doesn’t that alone prove that global warming is a hoax?

Surely, this is a bigger problem than the claim that in 50 years there could be more hurricanes or something.


Samples have revealed high levels of Trifluoroacetic acid in ten European countries’ water supplies.

A joint survey of 23 surface and six groundwater samples from ten EU countries has unearthed high levels of a largely unknown and unregulated “forever chemical”.

The concerning levels of Trifluoroacetic acid, or TFA, were detected in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Sweden.

The survey was conducted by member organisations of the European Pesticide Action Network (PAN), who called for swift political action to tackle the problem.

It is currently not strictly regulated, as it is categorised as “non-relevant” by European authorities.

TFA is a type of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS), a group of man-made chemicals used in consumer products that don’t break down for thousands of years. It has been thought to damage both fertility and child development.

The concentrations found in the water samples were 70 times higher than the average contamination of all of examined PFAS combined, according to analysis conducted by the Karlsruhe Water Technology Centre.

According to PAN Europe, the EU Water Framework Directive, which came into force in 2000, should have prevented this contamination. The directive’s article 4 requires member states to take necessary measures to reverse the concentration of pollutants that are a result of human activity.

Helmut Burtscher-Schaden, biochemist at the environmental organisation GLOBAL 2000 said it was highly concerning to find a “forever chemicals” spread so widely.

“Comparable high concentrations of more prominent PFAS are usually only encountered at contamination hot spots,” he explained.

“The PFAS problem, which for 25 years has primarily been understood as a problem of highly contaminated but localised hotspots, has now spread to all bodies of water.”

The government doesn’t care about you.

If global warming was real, and was really going to cause more tornadoes or whatever the fuck it is they claim in their stupid documentaries, the ruling elites that poison your water would just move to places that weren’t affected by the weather changes.

The entire water supply has been poisoned. We all have these chemicals in our bodies that are making us fat, gay, and sterile (along with causing all kinds of bizarre cancers and other diseases).

This thing is gonna kill your dick

Any time that the government tells you they care about you, they are lying.

That means that global warming is a hoax.

That is all the proof you need.

I’m going to make a list of six million pieces of proof that the government doesn’t care about you.

The lunatic part is that the same people who believe in global warming and pandemic viruses will tell you that the government doesn’t care about you. They will probably admit that the water is filled with poisonous chemicals that are altering our biology in irreversible ways. Then if you ask them “then why do you believe they are trying to protect us from the weather and viruses?” they will just get angry and get up and leave the bar.

White men are a bunch of babies. They have the emotional maturity of women. Virtually all of them act like women. Have you ever met a man who was both masculine and was concerned about global warming and viruses?

Such men don’t exist.

This is a vaginal agenda. Most men have a type of Stockholm syndrome where they identify with their abusers: women.

Your mother is the first tyrant. Then you live the rest of your life being ruled over by women.

This is the basic organization of our society.