Immediately After Blinken Visit, Saudi Calls Putin to Make Big Time Deals

“And then the Jew started talking about man-on-man anal again!”

Here’s some game theory for you – one move requires you to take a dick up your ass, the other move does not require you to do that.

Assuming he does not want a dick up his ass, which move does the rational actor make? 


Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Wednesday, discussing energy prices and other important issues, the Kremlin said. The phone call follows the prince’s meeting with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who arrived in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday.

According to the Kremlin readout of the call, the two leaders paid particular attention to “measures to further build up trade and economic ties, the implementation of promising joint projects in the field of investment, transport logistics, and energy.”

They discussed in detail the topic of “ensuring stability in the world energy market” and agreed on the high level of cooperation within OPEC+, as well as the agreements reached at the recent ministerial meeting in Riyadh, the statement added.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov was at the meeting in Riyadh, and on Wednesday met with Rayed Krimly, director of policy planning at the Saudi Foreign Ministry. They discussed regional and international security, “with a particular emphasis on the problem of the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction,” the Russian Foreign Ministry noted.

On Tuesday, Prince Mohammed hosted the US secretary of state in Jeddah. It was Blinken’s first visit to the kingdom since China helped Saudi Arabia and Iran normalize relations in March.

The State Department said the meeting lasted about 100 minutes and touched on the conflicts in Sudan and Yemen, the potential normalization of relations with Israel, and human rights in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government acknowledged the meeting but gave no specifics.

“Human rights” is a codeword for anal sex with men and putting women in charge of everything.

Even in the midst of everything that is happening, the US Jews still think they are in a position to lecture countries about gay anal and vaginal supremacy.

It’s actually incredible, and requires one to have a twisted sort of respect for these Jews. No matter how dire their situation, they refuse to recognize how dire their situation is. They continue to think that all goyim will bow to their whims, and will continue to try to force their agenda, even when they are not negotiating from a position of power.

To make the situation even more extreme, the day before Blinken arrived, Nicholas Maduro, the leader of Venezuela, arrived in Saudi to make deals.

This was his first visit since 2015, which is when the US began really trying to isolate Venezuela. The fact the Saudis invited him is yet another signal that they are simply not going to play these games anymore.

Jared Kushner’s Israel deal with the Arab states is dead in the water, probably in the medium term, definitely in the long term. This is just basic math. Everyone on earth outside of the “international community” sees that the United States is a power in absolute decline, and a sinking ship they need to escape quickly if they wish to survive.

The most amazing part of all of this is how little the American media is focusing on all of this. I mean, while these serious events were taking place all over the world, the US media spent weeks on end doing back-to-back coverage of the “debt ceiling,” despite the fact that every person on earth with any kind of basic understanding of the world knew that there was zero chance of a default.

Americans literally do not even know that the entire power balance of the world is rapidly shifting, and that the US is basically in a situation where either they start a massive world war, or surrender dominance over the globe.

Every American who is alive right now takes it for granted that America is the eternal global power, and that there will always be wealth raining down like mana from Heaven. So maybe, if you tried to explain to them what was happening, they wouldn’t even be able to process it.