Imperiled Yellow: Seattle to Build Massive Hobo Fortress in Chinatown

How does anyone tolerate this lunacy?

Ever since Barack Obama there has been an ongoing agenda to move blacks into nice white neighborhoods. At first it was “multi-family dwelling low income housing.” Then they started just building homeless camps.

White people said nothing about it, because whites are fat, masturbating cowards.

As soon as they try to do this to the Chinese, there’s an uproar.

Daily Caller:

Residents of Seattle’s Chinatown are fighting back against city officials over their plan to build a homeless megaplex in their neighborhood.

The King County Department of Community and Human Services is planning to spend $66.5 million to construct a homeless shelter that will house more than 500 people, according to the King County press release. Thousands of Chinatown residents attended a rally Thursday to protest the construction of the homeless shelter.

“The King County Council met on May 3 to approve and vote on the 69 million dollar lease for the 6.9 acres for about five years,” Chinatown Community Watch volunteer Tanya Woo told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “I was watching this meeting, and they’re talking about the importance of having a community outreach engagement plan and also good neighborhood agreements. We haven’t learned any information, no one’s been talking to us. No one’s engaged us. No one has done any community outreach. We find this to be very much evidence of systemic racism.”


They got some woman to learn to speak the language!

The word “racist” has no real meaning, and it should be dropped, as a rule.

See: Instead of Saying “Anti-White Racism,” Conservatives Should Just Say “Anti-White”

But assuming the word means “virulent hatred backing malicious acts against a racial group,” the only people doing this are the Jews. Black people are the world’s most repugnant bioweapon. Flooding a neighborhood with them is like releasing a plague.

The new shelter will replace a current shelter which holds nearly 300 people in November, provide an RV park and a sobering center, King 5 News reported. In total, the new shelter is estimated to cost $22 million to keep open.

The funding for the new shelter will come from the city of Seattle, who will provide $5 million along with funding from President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, the King County press release stated. The homeless shelter will also include 50 tiny house units and require 400 people to man the entire complex.

Residents of the district where the homeless shelter will be built said at the rally that city officials, including director of the King County Department of Community and Human Services Leo Floor, King County Executive Dow Constantine and Seattle city council members, did not receive community input before approving the plans.

Protesters held signs at the event that showed council member’s faces with the caption “not welcome here.” Other signs read, “stop Asian hate” and “it’s racist.”

“Blacks are not welcome here. You’re only trying to put blacks here because you hate Asians.”

Love it.

“It is insane,” Bettie Luke, a Chinatown resident said at the rally. “It is destructive. It will tear apart the safety that the residents here used to feel.”

The protestors concluded the rally by walking the area where the homeless shelter would be placed in their community. While walking the protestors chanted “nobody asked us.”

“We’re not saying that the unhoused are the problem,” Woo told the DCNF. “We don’t believe they are, it’s the people who prey on them that are the problem: the drug dealers who come to where their clients are, or the people who run the prostitution rings who are employing the young ladies who are working to try to buy drugs. None of those concerns have been addressed from that center and we have also similar concerns regarding this 500 person shelter. We have questions that we would like addressed and answered.”

This “stop Asian hate” slogan was created to try to get Asians to support Black Lives Matter, and immediately the Asians all just started using it against black people. It’s kind of hilarious.

They’re going to have to call these people white supremacists.

King County has been out of control for a long time. Back in 1986, they renamed it from “King County” to “King County.” Originally, it had been named after William Rufus DeVane King, who was not black at all. He was a slave owner. (Black people have those names like Rufus and DeVane because Southerners had such names.) He was also the 13th Vice President of the United States. I’ll give you three guesses who they renamed the county after. The first two don’t count.

Oh yes. You guess it.

So: in the 1980s, Seattle was doing this “destroy white history” stuff that the rest of us didn’t see until the Summer of Floyd.

I had assumed that The King County Department of Community and Human Services was likely getting money from George Soros. They probably are, but I couldn’t find it on the Open Society Foundation site. There are shockingly few Seattle-related grants.

Of course, Soros funds things through other means. It’s an octopus, and you often have to look around for a while to figure out what he is doing and where. He funds politicians (in particular, District Attorneys, but also whoever else) through other mechanisms than OSF. There should be a “Soros Watch” group that puts all his different tentacles into a searchable database, but I guess that would be virulent anti-Semitism (hatred for the length of the nose).

I did find this of interest:

For the most part, these people stay in their lanes – Soros funds social unrest (black people) and Bill Gates funds virus hoaxes and vaccine solutions. But they also criss-cross back and forth. Sometimes Soros backs virus gibberish.

Apparently, sometimes Bill Gates backs sending black crackheads to terrorize the Chinese. (Although it makes sense that Gates would be running Seattle, as that is one of Microsoft’s main bases.)

If we were operating on Medieval rules, and Soros and Gates were nobles, they would be required to answer for what they are doing. But in a democracy, the rich and powerful force their will on you through shady funding schemes, and no one even knows what’s happening.

The Asians are out there protesting against some shill.

There’s not much available about who is behind that dickhead. However, his bio on the King County website literally says “equity and climate change.”

Who are the people who see “equity and climate change” and think “that sounds like someone who will make my community a better place to live”?

Well, frankly, it’s white women. No one else responds to those buzzwords. You can likely use these words to lube up one of these sluts. Start whispering in her ear about equity and climate change and the panties do a Building 7.

White women are the terror that lurks, seeking to devour heterosexuality, children’s innocence, safety, religion, racial demographics, and everything else. White women are plague bots.

I specify “white women” because they’re the ones doing it. The problem group leans towards being affluent and unmarried, but all white women are a danger to society.

Black women are horrible of course, but how do you think a black woman responds to someone talking about “equity and climate change”?

The Asians ran a Vietnamese guy against Dow Constantine last year and lost.

(Ngyuen is of course Vietnamese. Asians all hate each other in Asia, but when they get to America they start cooperating for shared interests – the number one interest being safety, which they are all obsessed with, because they come from ultra high trust societies.)

Asians are more or less similar to white people, at least when compared to the other races. But they have a kind of natural autism that makes it so this whole “racism” thing just doesn’t make any sense to them. They do understand the idea of a collective threat to their race, hence the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, and Filipinos or whatever else mobbing up together to push back against white women trying to flood them with blacks in the name of changing the weather.

If some Jew or white woman comes and tells them, “you only don’t want that homeless camp in your neighborhood because you hate black people because of the color of their skin,” they will not understand it at all and just reply, “no, I don’t want them coming here and committing crimes.” Because they do commit crimes, everyone knows they commit crimes, everyone knows it’s completely out of control. It’s not a theory, and it has nothing to do with hate for the color of the skin.

This association with hate is just a total leap in logic. Saying black people commit drastically higher amounts of violent crime than any other race is simply a statement of fact. There is no need to associate any emotion with it. It is a purely practical matter to not want these people attacking you, or dirtying up your streets.

It’s like if you said, “there’s a rabid pack of wild dogs outside, they’ll attack me if I go out,” and some Jew came and said, “oh, so I guess you hate dogs.” It’s like: “even if I did hate dogs, that would have no bearing on the fact that right now I am saying I don’t want to be mauled by rabid dogs. No one wants to be mauled by rabid dogs, just as no one wants to be seized upon by a gang of blacks.”