In This Cursed Timeline, King Arthur is Now Kang Arthur

The Man Who Would Be Kang

It’s not enough for whites to have their lands taken away from them. Even our history and mythology, the imaginative spaces where we take refuge from the real, are to be robbed from us too.

Guy Ritchie’s recent King Arthur movie went pretty far in bringing diversity to the Arthurian myths. Arthur was a cockney geezer who learned to fight from Chinks and was mentored by a bunch of negroes, who later became his Round Table Voodoo Posse.

But Netflix, in its new Cursed series, has gone one better, offering an even more Woke take on Arthurian legend. Now even Arthur himself is “diverse,” played by Devon Terrell, an American half-breed, offspring of a negro father and Anglo-Indian Paki mother, known previously for his role as Barack Hussein Obama in Barry.

Devon Terrell has a simple message for anyone critical of his casting as the first black man to play Arthur in Cursed, the new Netflix re-imagining of the knight’s tale.

Emboldened by the Black Lives Matter movement, even joining in protest marches near his new Los Angeles home, Terrell is seizing his moment with all the power of Excalibur.

“If you can believe in a magical sword,” he tells The BINGE Guide, “you should be able to believe that a person of colour can play Arthur.”

Except we don’t believe in magic swords either.

Not only is Arthur a negro; he is a negro mugger, a member of a gang of cut-throats and robbers.

Apart from the calculated desecration of European mythology, most of the standard Netflix script motifs are in there:

  • Girlies engaging in hand-to-hand combat with men, and winning.
  • Interracial relationships. (The chubby-faced main character, Nimue, gets cuddly with Kang Arfur).
  • Intra-sexual relationships.
  • Casual disparagement of Christianity. (The baddies are red-cloaked paladins, fanatic Christians who want to extirpate magic from the land.)

The cast is full of random Pakis, blacks and gooks. All the kindly, helpful characters are brown-skinned while the whites are all rigid fanatics, evil schemers, dysfunctional losers (Merlin is a drunk who has lost his magic) or members of a quasi-ethnic minority, the Fey.


The series was conceived by Frank Miller who, in the past, has shown a willingness to take a stand against political correctness. His comic series, and later movie, 300, evoked the prototypical conflict between White Civilization and Wogdom in its celebration of Spartan resistance to the Persian invasion of Greece. Later, his comments on Moslems attracted the usual charges of racism. Now, however, he seems to have capitulated to the Cult of Woke and “got his mind right.” Miller has a producer credit for the series so was presumably OK with this racial appropriation of white myth.

Cursed, like The Witcher, is another failed attempt to recreate the magic of Game of Thrones. Both add lavish lumps of vibrant seasoning to the usual fantasy recipe and both suffer accordingly. The Woke television producers forcing this drivel upon us should consider the possibility that part of what made Game of Thrones so successful was the spectacle of white people not yet afflicted by Diversity’s Curse.

18 main characters, all of them white. It will go down as the very last series to ever do this.