Indio Morales Says He was Victim of CIA Coup, Says He Might Return!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 15, 2019

Bolivia might veer into civil war soon. We’re not going to have to wait much longer to find out where this is headed. Things are moving fast.


Ousted Bolivian President Evo Morales has accused the US-headquartered Organization of American States of making a political decision in backing the right-wing opposition, saying the coup continues to wreak havoc after his exile.

Speaking from Mexico a day after he fled Bolivia, Morales said: “The OAS is in the service of the North American empire.”

Morales said he “could not understand” how his military commanders could show such “disloyalty.”

“That confirms that my great crime is to be indigenous. It’s a class problem,” he said.

The exiled president said that after freeing itself from the International Monetary Fund, the Bolivian economy was doing better.

We had big plans in the field of exports.

Yet, the coup plotters “do not accept the nationalization of natural resources,” Morales said.

Well yeah, that’s pretty damning.

The same thing happened in Ukraine. Supposed right-wingers took power, but now the entire country is being sold off to the highest bidder.

Right-wing and left-wing do not really mean anything anymore. What matters is whether the government and the elites who run it does right by its own people or sells them out to Globalism.

Say what you will about Indio Morales, but let me drop some hard facts on what happened first:

  • Morales was faced with protests in the capital by city-slickers
  • The army used this as justification to turn on him and chase him out of the country
  • Thousands of Indios ain’t about that and they be rolling deep with dey chief

It appears to just be the army and the castizos/mestizos holed up in La Paz vs the angry Indios who are literally marching on the city as we speak.

And here’s the thing about Bolivia – how exactly are you supposed to run a Democracy where Indios are 60% of the population?

If these people are mobilized to vote, Indio Morales wins every single time.

I would imagine that everyone else might not be fond of that situation, but then they need to jettison the whole Democracy thing and set up some other political/power-sharing scheme.

So, maybe the military taking over would be the only thing that makes sense now.

Militaries tend to do a much better job running countries than any civic equivalent anyway. A tight military government would also prevent the country from spiraling into civil war, and thousands of new refugees being created. And it is much better than Bolivia going back to rule by multinational corporations like it was before.

The socialist leader said he would return to Bolivia if the people asked. He also pleaded with the Bolivian opposition to stop the violence continuing after his exile. “Why do they continue?” he asked.

That being said, Indio Morales returning to retake his throne might be pretty cool as well. I’m not a fan of CIA plots. It gives me joy to see them foiled.