Iran Offering Free Tuition to American Students Expelled for Protesting Israel

This is based.

I hope some Americans take them up on this deal and go and document the society.

Most Americans are not aware that Iran is a developed country.

New York Post:

An Iranian college is offering free tuition to US students expelled for taking part in anti-Israel protests โ€“ as a professor there called them โ€œour peopleโ€ who would support Iran in a war with America.

The head of Shiraz University, located in the southern region of Fars, made the scholarship proposal on state-run TV while discussing the widespread wave of protests on college campuses across the US.

โ€œStudents and even professors who have been expelled or threatened with expulsion can continue their studies at Shiraz University and I think that other universities in Shiraz, as well as Fars Province, are also prepared,โ€ Mohammad Moazzeni told Iranian state-owned Press TV.

Shiraz University

A professor at the University of Tehran said Iran was thrilled to see such uprisings โ€” because pro-terror students would likely support Iran if it went to war.

โ€œThese [American students] are our people,โ€ Professor Foad Izadi said, according to MEMRI TV.


Professor Foad Izadi

The Iranians are definitely supporting American students a lot more than the American government.

โ€œIf tensions between America and Iran rise tomorrow or the day after, these are the people who will have to take to the streets to support Iran.โ€

โ€œSooner or later, this kind of support for the Zionist regime by the American regime will diminish. It might not stop completely, but its diminishing is important,โ€ Izadi continued.

โ€œThis is why the demonstrations [on US campuses] are important.โ€

I’ve said for years that Russia should do something like this.

One of the January 6ers got asylum in Belarus, rather than rot in prison forever. So Russia is already doing this, on some level. There’s no reason not to make it a formal invite.

A lot of intelligent and competent young American men would move to Russia simply because the women are not fat. That reason alone would cause many, many men to bear the process of dealing with the foreign language.