Iran Warns West That Jews are Trying to Pull Them Into a Regional War

Everyone knows this is the situation.

Warning the West won’t do anything.

The West is controlled by the Jews. We have a total infestation of these people. We’re like a rotting corpse propelled by a zombie virus.

The Jews don’t allow any adult discussions at all.

The Guardian:

Benjamin Netanyahu is seeking to trap the west into a total war across the Middle East that would have incalculable consequences for the region and the world, Iran’s top diplomat in the UK has claimed, in his first interview since Tehran launched an unprecedented missile and drone attack against Israel at the weekend.

Seyed Mehdi Hosseini Matin also warned that if Israel made “another mistake” by launching an attack on Iran, there would be a response from Iran that was stronger, more severe, and administered without a warning like that issued before the weekend attack.

The salvo of more than 300 drones and missiles – almost all of which were intercepted by Israel and its allies or fell short of their targets – came in retaliation for a 1 April airstrike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria, that killed several Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards officers. Israel’s top general, Lt Gen Herzi Halevi, has said the country would respond, but it remains unclear what form that would take.

The response to the next mistake of the Zionist will not take 12 days’ time. It will be decided as soon as we see what the hostile regime has done. It will be immediate, and without warning. It will be stronger and more severe,” said Matin, Iran’s chargé d’affaires in London. He ruled out Iran attacking civilian centres or building a nuclear weapon, even though he said Iran knew Israel was an undeclared nuclear state.

Cool billboard in central Tehran.

Matin argued that the west was losing credibility in the Middle East in a way that would ultimately lead to the US leaving the region, and a peace being reached by regional powers alone.

“This is a good opportunity for western countries to demonstrate that they are rational actors, and they are not going to be entrapped by Netanyahu and his goal, which is to be in power for as long as he could actually stay in power,” he claimed.

Iran has considered its actions very carefully, and understood that there is a trap, but not for Iran, for the western countries and allied countries in which they are drawn by the Zionist state into a total war inside the Middle East, and the whole world soon may be unable to control the consequences.”

Matin insisted that before the attack on Israel, Iran had urged western officials – including the British foreign secretary, David Cameron – to back a UN security council statement condemning Israel for attacking the Iranian consulate in Damascus. It had also urged the west to back an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, he said.

Matin said Cameron had last week refused the Iranian request, even though this week he had admitted that the UK would have responded very strongly if a hostile power flattened a British consulate. “As Cameron mentioned, rightly, every nation has the right to defend itself against this kind of flagrant breach of diplomatic and international law.”

Iran would actually be justified doing a lot more. A lot more.

Bombing a consulate is a very serious act of war.

But the Western media is trying to reframe this as if it was an unprovoked attack.

Actually, a lot of Western media was saying it was “retaliatory,” but now the whole narrative has switched to Israel “responding.”

They are responding to a response, because their goal was always to escalate the Gaza situation into a war with Iran. That’s why they let the attack on October 7th happen in the first place. That’s why they bombed the consulate, knowing that Iran would send rockets at them.

The whole thing was a setup from the beginning.

Israel knows that the US is flailing, they know that American support for them is failing, they know that they only have so much time left to drag us into a war that we have any hope of winning. So they’re doing that. That’s what’s happening.

If Israel wasn’t planning to throw the US at Iran, they never would have let October 7th happen in the first place. We’ve been on rails since that fateful day.