Iraq Finally Removes Itself from the Heel of the US, Bans All Forms of Anal and Promotion of Anal

I guess the real story here is that Iraq hadn’t already criminalized homosexuality?

Maybe the real story is that it has taken some years for the Iraqi government to overcome the weight of the American influence that was forced on them by the US military.

It didn’t take the Taliban long. But the full surrender of the US in Afghanistan is a bit different than what happened with the pullout of Iraq.


Iraq’s parliament passed a law criminalising same-sex relationships with a maximum 15-year prison sentence on Saturday, in a move it said aimed to uphold religious values but was condemned by rights advocates as the latest attack on the LGBT community in Iraq.

The law aims to “protect Iraqi society from moral depravity and the calls for homosexuality that have overtaken the world,” according to a copy of the law seen by Reuters.

These calls have definitely overtaken the world.

Everything on earth is now about anal. It’s all you ever hear about.

It was backed mainly by conservative Shi’ite Muslim parties who form the largest coalition in mainly Muslim Iraq’s parliament.

The Law on Combating Prostitution and Homosexuality bans same-sex relations with at least 10 years and a maximum of 15 years in prison, and mandates at least seven years in prison for anybody who promotes homosexuality or prostitution.

It also imposes between one and three years in prison for anyone who changes their “biological gender” or wilfully dresses in an effeminate manner.

The bill had initially included the death penalty for same-sex acts but was amended before being passed after strong opposition from the United States and European nations.

It’s good stuff.

I support anyone shutting down this global Jewish anal agenda.