United Methodist “Church” Overwhelmingly Votes to Allow Anal Priests

I wonder if this will lead to more or less homosexual targeting of young boys at the United Methodist “Church.”

Washington Examiner:

Delegates of the United Methodists voted overwhelmingly to repeal its opposition to LGBT clergy on Wednesday.

The vote at the church’s General Conference, which tallied 692-51, saw the church remove its ban on “self-avowed practicing homosexuals” from serving in the church as ordained or appointed ministers. This new rule will go into effect starting Friday when the General Conference will finish.

“With the approvals and acceptance of the things today by the General Conference, we’re beginning to see the unwinding, unraveling, dismantling of the heterosexism, the homophobia, the hurt, and the harm of The United Methodist Church,” said Rev. David Meredith, a gay and retired elder.

Beyond removing the church’s ban on hiring homosexual clergy, the church also approved of a new measure that forbids district superintendents from penalizing clergy for performing a same-sex wedding or for not performing one. The measure also prevents either forbidding or requiring a church to host a same-sex wedding.

We’re living in hell.

It always starts with a woman