Ireland: Government to Provide Free Contraception to All Women Aged 17-35

Oh, so what?

36-year-olds can’t get pregnant?

Or does the government want to force them to give birth against their will?

The Journal:

Free contraception will be available to women up to the age of 35 from 1 July, it was announced today.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly said that free contraception will now be available for women aged 17 to 35.

So 16 and under aren’t allowed to get fucked?

Or are they forced to give birth against their will as well?

The Free Contraception Scheme was first introduced in 2022 from 17-25-year-olds, and was extended last year.

Stephen Donnelly, alleged heterosexual

The scheme provides for the cost of prescription contraception, including the cost of consultations with medical professionals and fitting and/or removal of various types of contraceptives.

The range of contraceptive options currently available include contraceptive injections, implants, IUS and IUDs (coils), the contraceptive patch and ring and various forms of oral contraceptive pill, including emergency contraception.

Those all cause obesity, infertility, various cancers, and so on.

Just so you know.

They also don’t really even do a very good job at preventing pregnancy.

Ask a woman if she knows anyone who’s gotten pregnant while on birth control.

She won’t tell you it was her, but she’ll definitely have a story.

All women in America are on birth control, and by the time they’re 35, they’ve all had multiple abortions. Sometimes like, 4.

Reminder: women can only get pregnant during a 72-hour period every month.

The problem is – because biology makes logical sense, unlike anti-biology (“The Science”), that 72-hour period when women can get pregnant is also the only time they are horny.

There’s a big hormone spike during ovulation, including a testosterone bump.

That is the only time women are horny. When the egg comes, the body says “welp, time to go get fucked.”

(NEVER FORGET: Women pretend to be horny in order to manipulate you. Unless they are professional athletes on steroids, they have basically zero sex drive, save for in that one window. If you go out to bars to try to get laid, that’s actually all you’re looking for – the girl on her ovulation cycle. Every other girl is just there to get free attention and free drinks and feel good about herself, because women do not have their own self-esteem, and must leech it off of men. I do not lie. This is real life, kid.)

Because whether or not you believe in God, nature is extremely logical.

What is definitely not logical is a species that purposefully attempts to restrict reproduction.

I don’t think we really take enough time to examine just how completely insane it is for living creatures to purposefully restrict reproduction.

It is utterly deranged and sickening, but also like a kind of slapstick comedy bit, from a perspective of biology.

Imagine any other living thing attempting to restrict its reproduction.

Nell McCafferty is a lesbian, so why does she care so much about contraception?