South Korean Think Tank Proposes Making Girls Start School Earlier to Raise Birthrates

Bitch, you need to shut up and get fucked.

We need more people and we don’t have time for your retarded bullshit.

The Guardian:

A government thinktank in South Korea has sparked anger after suggesting that girls start primary school a year earlier than boys because the measure could raise the country’s low birthrate.

A report by analysts at the Korea Institute of Public Finance said creating a one-year age gap between girls and boys at school would make them more attractive to each other by the time they reached marriageable age.

The claim is based on the idea that men are naturally attracted to younger women because men mature more slowly. Those women, in theory, would prefer to marry older men.

“Considering that the developmental level of men is slower than that of women, having females enter school one year earlier could potentially contribute to men and women finding each other more attractive when they reach the appropriate age for marriage,” the report on tackling the decline in the working population said.

It added: “If there is a willingness to marry, then a willingness to date can certainly be assumed. However, that does not necessarily lead to successful dating. To improve this, policies that could be included in this category are those that arrange meetups, improve social skills, and support self-development to boost one’s attractiveness to the opposite sex.”

The suggestion is one of several ideas put forward to address South Korea’s demographic situation.

South Korea’s birthrate of 0.72 children per woman is the lowest in the world. The rate is even lower in the capital, Seoul, where authorities have projected the population will fall to 7.9 million by 2052, from 9.4 million in 2022.

This won’t work.

Nothing will work except actually taking away women’s rights, completely, and giving them basically zero choice in marriage.

You can give them a “yea or nay” vote on the first couple of men you present to them, but if they give too many “nays,” just tell them “well, you’ve been menstruating for a year, so you’re marrying someone – someone who’s got a job and a career and money.”

That’s how it has to be.

If we continue to allow women to have “rights,” the species will simply disappear.

This was a totally insane experiment, and it failed.