Ireland: Small Town Manages to Fight Off Invader Center

Video from a major protest a few days ago. This town only has around 13,000 people.

Ireland is headed towards some kind of widespread civil violence.

The situation is not calming down, and in fact, everything the government does is making it worse, while more and more people take to the streets to protest and invader centers continue to burn down.


Plans to house asylum seekers in a disused Eir building just outside of Arklow town have been withdrawn. 

Last week hundreds of locals marched through the town expressing dismay at the government’s decision to house an as then unconfirmed number of migrants seeking international protection or Ukrainian refugees in the building.

In a statement ‘Arklow Says No’ said that a statement issued yesterday evening by local Councillor Peer Leonard was “very welcome”.

“The Arklow Says No Campaign were already notified of this very positive development but were asked to wait until official confirmation was received and the process of delisting the site as an accommodation location had been signed off.”

“We await that written confirmation.” it said.

“We are very hopeful that this will bring our positive, community based, and supported protest to an end. Needless to say, we will return if any other proposal to utilize the building for IPAS purposes is brought forward. Any potential bidders that seek to achieve this goal will meet with the same kind of peaceful community resistance.” the statement continued.

“Until we have total written confirmation, we remain in place. Nevertheless, we are amazed by the outpouring of public support and the many acts of generosity from local businesses. This protest has generated enormous awareness of the damage government policy is creating.”

The Arklow Says No Campaign expressed special thanks to Independent TD for Laois Offaly Carol Nolan, who it said “first broke the news to us following her determination to assist the locals who were operating in a vacuum of knowledge.”

Local Cllr Pat Fitzgerald was also thanked as being “the only local Cllr to state on public media he would unequivocally stand behind us and acknowledge us a group of ordinary decent residents with real concerns.”

Yesterday evening Councillor Peir Leonard said in a statement that she had been informed “verbally that all open cases of enquiry with regard to use of the building by IPAS had now ceased.

However Leonard pointed out that this “does not mean that it mightn’t be looked at in the future” adding that but for now “all engagements with the Dept have been closed by speculated purchaser,”

Ireland is a democracy, which generally means that a protest doesn’t mean anything at all, because you don’t have any choice in what the government does.

The only reason the government is reacting to these protests is that the Irish have already set a city on fire, burned up police cars, attacked police, and continually burned down buildings.

I’m anti-violence and anti-crime and so on, but it’s simply a fact that the threat of a civil uprising is the one and only thing that a democracy government will respond to. They couldn’t give a fuck about your protest march – unless behind your protest march are a bunch of soccer hooligans in balaclavas holding cans of gasoline.