Ireland: Thousands of People Protest Against Great Replacement in Dublin

The Irish are standing up against the Jewish agenda more than anyone else in the white world.

The Journal:

An anti-immigration protest has taken place in Dublin City.

A large crowd gathered at the Garden of Remembrance in the north inner city this afternoon before marching down O’Connell Street and onto the Custom House where speeches were made.

Videos and photographs from the march show a large crowd marching down O’Connell Street holding a variety of placards and signs. The crowd were also holding Irish flags, and chanted ‘Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole’ at one point.

They also chanted “out, out, out” and “our streets”.

Protestors held signs saying “Ireland belongs to the Irish”, “Irish Civil Rights”, “Stop the WHO pandemic treaty”, “Mass deportations”, “Economic Migrants are not refugees” and “Irish Lives Matter”, among others.

Local groups from Coolock and Newtownmountkennedy – where protests have been staged recently against buildings being used to house international protection applicants – were also represented.

There were also placards referencing a “plantation” of Ireland.

Use of the word “plantation” in reference to buildings and campsites housing asylum seekers is commonly found among those in Ireland who adhere to the white nationalist ‘Great Replacement’ conspiracy theory.

A number of far-right political parties and figures were also present, with protestors marching behind banners for the National Party and representatives from other parties addressing the crowd.

There was a large Garda presence visible also. A smaller anti-racism demonstration was held at the GPO, with gardaí ensuring rival groups were separated.

Some of the leftist protesters were waving Palestinian flags while demanding what was done to Palestinians be done to their own country

Migration has become one of the main issues facing Ireland and the rest of the EU member states ahead of the European elections in June, with a populist kickback in many countries in response to increased numbers entering the bloc seeking asylum.

There has been a significant increase in people coming to Ireland to seek international protection. There have also been widespread protests against buildings being converted into asylum seeker accommodation, and a number of arson attacks carried out.

The state has told arriving asylum seekers that they cannot house them, and hundreds have been living in tents as a result. Last week the Government cleared an encampment of asylum seekers that had been set up outside the International Protection Office on Mount Street, but many are no camping at the Grand Canal.

Separately, an anti-abortion demonstration took place in Dublin today, with crowds turning out to campaign against Ireland’s abortion laws.

The issues are definitely linked. Neither abortion nor mass immigration are Irish values. These are things forced on them from outside powers, namely, Jews from America.

The Irish are also heavily opposed to the war in Palestine. It seems like all of this could be packaged together as a “general protest against Jewish domination of Ireland.” Then, everyone who feels strongly about any of these issues could unify and protest together.