ISIS Beheading in France

Daily Stormer
June 26, 2015

Such shocking. So surprise. Religion of peace. Wow.
“We have le terror. Bring le frau with le bags.”

O, Diversity.

Thou art a cruel mistress.


A man has reportedly been decapitated by suspected Isis supporters at a factory in France.

Local media reports said the suspected attackers was carrying what appeared to be an Islamist black flag at the site in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier.

The murdered man’s head was found attached to the factory’s wire mesh fence near his corpse, police said.

According to Le Parisien newspaper, the man’s face was covered in Arabic writing.

One of the suspects, a man in his thirties with known extremist links, was arrested.

A “loud explosion” was heard at Air Products, a gas products firm, at 9.50am local time (8.50 BST) Le Dauphine Libre reported.

Such shocking. So surprise. Religion of peace. Wow.

This story is still developing.

The Independent has a live blog.

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