Israel Finally Identifies True Perpetrator of the Holocaust: Canada!

The Jews have been blaming Poland for the Holocaust for years now. Bibi Netanyahu actually defends Adolf Hitler, and says that he never wanted to harm the Jews but was forced to do it by the Ayatollah (or something, I forget the details*).

It was only a matter of time before they got around to Canada.

It’s funny that this is happening within the context of Vladimir Zelensky (who, by the way, is Jewish, not “Ukrainian”) bringing a Ukraine WWII soldier to his speech in Canada.


Ottawa has to come to terms with its “historic sin” of excluding Jews while harboring Nazis in the aftermath of the World War II, Israeli Special Envoy for Combating Antisemitism Michal Cotler-Wunsh told The Jerusalem Post (JP) this week.

Notice that the Jews have zero problem claiming that people need to be held responsible for the alleged crimes of their ancestors – but somehow, they cannot be blamed for murdering God (which is literally the single worst crime in history – by a lot). They can’t even be blamed for starting the Iraq War, even though those Jews who did that are still alive (many of them still working at the State Department, including Victoria Nuland, who is de facto Secretary of State).

So they are free of not only ancestral guilt, but all forms of collective guilt, while non-Jews are subject to both concepts.

A scandal erupted in Canada when parliament gave a standing ovation to Ukrainian Waffen SS veteran Yaroslav Hunka during a visit by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in late September.

Honoring the 98-year-old World War II Nazi collaborator has sparked international uproar and drawn condemnation from Russia, Poland and Jewish organizations. The incident led to the resignation of Canadian House of Commons Speaker Anthony Rota, who took sole responsibility for the Nazi veteran’s invitation.

I seriously doubt he was solely responsible.

The funny thing is that this guy might end up getting extradited to Germany and die in prison because he decided to make a spectacle of his support for NATO.

Cotler-Wunsh, who started her job last month, argued that Rota’s resignation was not enough to remedy the situation. It was a “first step to acknowledging responsibility for this wrong,” she said. Now the envoy says Canada has to admit to a policy of not allowing enough Jews to cross its borders during and after the Holocaust while letting in Nazis after WWII.

You think I’m using hyperbole, but this exactly amounts to “blaming Canada for the Holocaust.” They are saying that Canada bears responsibility for Jewish deaths in fake shower room gas chambers because they could have allowed more Jews to come to Canada. To be clear, Canada did allow Jews in; she’s saying “not enough,” meaning there should have been a full open borders policy for Jews.

“Nearly 2,000 documented Nazis… immigrated to the country following WWII and built lives, at the same time as the immigration policies towards Jewish victims was ‘none is too many’,” the Israeli official said.

Hunka’s being honored in parliament was “beyond embarrassing” at a time of “rising antisemitism,” Cotler-Wunsh stated, adding that such incidents demonstrate the need for “comprehensive education on antisemitism then and now, on the Holocaust and on the history of WWII.” The “very possibility” of such a scandal undermines Canada’s commitment to ensure tragedies like the Holocaust are never repeated, as well as its ability to “identify present threats,” she said.

Most things in life fade with time.

If you have a moment or period of embarrassment or guilt in your personal life, you can always rest assured that the more time that passes, the less you will feel it. For example, last night I was playing Counter-Strike 2 (which is better than CS:GO in every way, btw), and someone told me I sucked, even though I was the last man standing on our team when the score was 7-7 and I killed the last two terrorists but didn’t defuse the bomb in time. Then another person said “well, he did his best, but he does suck.” I felt very sad, drank a half liter of SKY vodka, and drew a hot bath and sat in it while looking at a razor blade. However, time has already begun to heal these wounds.

The same is true of romantic affairs that end badly. Time heals all wounds.

The one wound that it doesn’t heal is the Holocaust. The Holocaust is an infected wound that gets more rotten and stinkier with each passing year, becoming more important as time passes, as more and more groups of people are forced to take responsibility for it.

At some point, Uganda, Namibia, Papua New Guinea, sherpas, and the round-headed hill people of the Andes will be forced to take responsibility for the Holocaust.

Before these children reach middle age, the Israelis will set up a facility in their village and force them to admit to doing the Holocaust. They could have hidden many Jews in their yurts, but they were too driven by mindless hatred.

If aliens were to contact humans, the Israelis would send an envoy blaming them for not contacting humans earlier – specifically, in the 1940s – when they could have used their spaceships to evacuate Jews from Germany. The aliens will be forced to make a very large donation to the ADL, and to appoint an ADL member to the crew of their mothership, lest the New York Times print an investigative report on their support for Hitler’s genocide.

It’s actually amazing the degree to which the Holocaust has expanded in importance in the last decade. It must be mentioned at least three times as often in 2023 as it was in 2013. If its importance triples every decade, then by the year 2073, the Holocaust will be the only topic of discussion among humans.

This will be every water cooler work conversation in 100 years, where every job will consist of nothing but apologizing to Jews, and every human conversation will be a circular discussion of the Holocaust as if it is something that happened recently:

Worker 1: So, did you hear about that Holocaust?

Worker 2: I did. What a tragedy. Those poor Jews.

Worker 1: You’re personally responsible for it.

Worker 2: I know, I know. I’m so sorry. You’re also responsible for it.

Worker 1: Of course I am. I’m so sorry. I wish my ancestors would have done more to help the Jews.

Worker 2: Well, I’ve finished and submitted my afternoon apology to the Jews, and have begun work on my evening apology.

Worker 1: I went ahead and submitted two apologies this afternoon, because I’m going to have to miss my monthly trip to Auschwitz next month.

Worker 2: Oh, jeez. Missing the monthly Auschwitz trip? Did you clear that with the Israeli remembrance envoy?

Worker 1: I did. They were disappointed, but said it was acceptable as long as I visit the Holocaust museum every day this month and double my daily donation to the ADL.

Worker 2: Yeah, I was struggling to make my daily donations to the ADL, but I’ve got my son working OnlyFans to bring in some extra money so we can afford the donations.

Worker 1: Yeah, my wife has been doing BLACKED porn to make sure we can make our daily donations. The producer is a fifth generation survivor, so he keeps 50% of her salary to dull the suffering of the Holocaust where everyone in his family died in the gas chambers.

Worker 2: That’s nice you’re able to just give the money directly to a survivor. Whenever I have extra money left over after my daily ADL donations, I give it to individual survivors, just to try and help them deal with the pain and suffering. I can’t even imagine what it is like to have your whole family gassed to death and made into lampshades.

Worker 1: They were gassed for no reason. Then they just threw their shoes in the shoe pile.

Worker 2: The Holocaust was such a tragedy. I only wish we could have done more to help the Jews.

Worker 1: I’m so sorry. Those poor Jews.

*I actually don’t forget the details, it just sounds funny to say he blamed the Ayatollah. He actually blamed the Mufti of Jerusalem. It was sort of hilarious to have the King of the Jews saying “Hitler didn’t really mean to do anything bad.” But it’s also important in that it shows that the Holocaust is nothing but a cudgel to beat people over the head with. Hitler can be cleared of all charges if it helps to target a new enemy. 

Counter-Strike 2 is the Only Way We Can Prevent a 100% Tranny Rate Among Post-Zoomers

I hate that these generations have letters now. They are calling post-zoomers “Generation Alpha,” which I assume will be called “Alphies” (screenshot this).

This generation is 30% gay – at least. Most of them are trannies.

Studies have shown that playing Fortnite makes you 11 times more likely to become a tranny, whereas playing Apex Legends makes you 27 times more likely to become a tranny.

The only solution is Counter-Strike 2.

This is the biggest Counter-Strike update ever, and with the Source 2 engine, the graphics are finally on par with other games, while it maintains its tightness and generally heterosexual vibes. There is some more of the cartoony stuff added to appeal to young retards, but it is non-tranny in nature.

Actually, right now the game has crazy stuttering going on, and the matchmaking is a total disaster (I don’t know why that second thing would break). It’s basically the worst product Valve has ever released on launch. If you turn everything else off, especially anything using bandwidth, it helps with the stuttering (sort of). It can also still happen, however – even with relatively up-to-date hardware and low settings (I have to use a laptop because I travel a lot, but it’s pretty nice, and does fine with games that are in theory much more resource-intensive).

But the potential is there for a heterosexual game to be popular with the kids. They must have some plan. Fortnite was leading people away from Steam to the Epic Store, and this is largely driven by people under 30, so what it seems like they are trying to do is make something that is updated to be appealing to younger people but is still Counter-Strike. I don’t have anything to base this on, other than that it seems obvious. Valve hasn’t said it. But CS:GO did not have this “live service” thing that has become the industry standard, and it just makes sense that that’s where this is going. It’s difficult to take a game this old and transform it like that, but I guess they thought the brand was important. Replacing CS:GO completely with a game in this state was really a weird flex. But they’ll fix it.

We’d better hope they fix it. It’s really the only way we are going to reverse the trend of 100% tranny youth by 2033. We cannot possibly sustain another 5 years of Fortnite.