Italy: Mother of Girl Dismembered by Diversity Goes to Court with Pictures of Daughter’s Corpse on T-Shirt

It’s a racist hate attack to share pictures of people who got chopped up by victimized vibrants.


The mother of Italian teen Pamela Mastropietro, who was killed and dismembered by a Nigerian drug dealer in 2018, appeared at an appeal for the migrant killer wearing a shirt showing the dismembered remains of her daughter.

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Alessandra Verni, the mother of Pamela Mastropietro, arrived at the Assize Court of Appeal of Perugia on Wednesday wearing a t-shirt that showed her daughter’s dead body after she had been dismembered by Nigerian Innocent Oseghale, who killed the 18-year-old in early 2018.

Because the killer was trying to appeal his convictions and sentences, Verni said she needed to remind the court of the terrible things he had done, hence wearing the shirt printed with the forensic images of the teenage girl’s brutalised body. Italian media reports Verni said of her decision: “Every night I go to bed to dream of Pamela. That’s why I decided to show that photo”.

The latest hearing, which disputes the rape charge Oseghale had been convicted of along with the murder of Mastropietro, saw the Nigerian addressing Ms Verni saying “no more judicial oppression,” to which Verni reacted by saying, “tell me, tell me what you want” before prison police intervened and remove him from the courtroom, the newspaper Il Giornale reports

“Now you come to ask an executioner if he wants to attend the hearing or not. Let’s roll him out a red carpet at this point,” Verni said after the convicted killer had been removed.

“I expect justice from this process, what I have been asking for five years, justice. Life imprisonment for those who do these things, Oseghale and all his accomplices must pay,” Verni shouted in the courtroom.

“Pamela was raped, she was killed, she was beaten on the head, she was tortured, she was torn to pieces,” Verni said and added, “I expect that now the state, justice, and prosecutors do their duty because executioners cannot be allowed to go free in a city, in Italy, because in our country this cannot be accepted.”

Innocent Oseghale

Innocent Oseghale was sentenced to life in prison in May of 2019 after being found guilty of killing Mastropietro and was found guilty of all charges against him, including voluntary murder aggravated by sexual assault, insult, to destruction and concealment of a corpse.

During the trial, shocking testimony was given by Vincenzo Marino, who had been in prison at the same time as Oseghale and claimed that not only did the migrant drug dealer admit to killing Pamela, but that the teen had still been alive when he began dismembering her.