Italy: North African Attacks Italian Student, Breaks His Nose

These European kids better start learning how to fight back.

It isn’t getting any less vibrant out there.

Vox (Translation):

A Maghreb with Italian citizenship has brutally beaten a student, shortly before entering school, fracturing his nasal septum with heads.

It happened in Sanremo. To make them expenses was a kid in high school. According to what has been reconstructed so far by the police, the young man was in the company of a classmate, when he approached the ‘Italian’ African who, after an exchange of words, took one of the two heads, breaking his nose.

The boy was then taken to the hospital, while the police have already identified, but not yet tracked down, the attacker who will be sued for injuries. The episode took place at the foot of the historic center of Sanremo, usually frequented by numerous imported parasites.