Italy: Parliament Passes Law to Allow Pro-Life Groups Into Abortion Centers to Talk to Women

Italy used to be a conservative Christian country, and still is much more religious than virtually anywhere else in Western Europe.

The fact that they have this huge vagina industrial complex in the first place is evidence of how much power the Americans have over their domestic politics.


Italy’s Senate gave final approval on Tuesday to a contested government plan to allow groups who “support motherhood” into abortion clinics to try to deter women terminating pregnancies.

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy party attached the proposal in an amendment to a bill on Rome’s post-COVID-19 recovery plan, which includes a chapter dedicated to the health sector.

Meloni is staunchly anti-abortion, but pledged during her victorious general election campaign in 2022 that despite her personal convictions she would not change existing legislation on the subject.

The Senate approved the bill to allow anti-abortion groups into publicly run family advice clinics by a vote of 95-to-68 in a confidence motion.

It had obtained a first green light in the lower house Chamber of Deputies last week, sparking fierce criticism among opposition parties that called it an attack on abortion rights in place since 1978.

Meloni’s party says the new provision is only aimed at giving women an opportunity for reflection before making a final decision on their pregnancy, and does not impinge on their rights.

Of course, America would never allow Christians to come into the clinic to talk to the women about the consequences of killing their unborn children. In America, it’s illegal for Christians to even try to talk to the women outside the clinic.

Last year, Trump’s very conservative Supreme Court refused to address a case about removing these “buffer zones” around abortion clinics, where Christians can get arrested for telling sluts not to murder their children.

This is obviously in total breach of the First Amendment. You’re allowed to stand in any public place and talk to people who are walking around. They can easily just ignore you or say they don’t want to talk to you.

Imagine sluts are mad the babies they killed get Christian burials