Poland: Tens of Thousands of People Protest Against Planned Legalization of Abortion

While the Germans are out demanding more and more abortion, the Poles are doing the opposite.

It’s very strange that these two countries have entered into a suicide pact together, given that their populations have such vastly different value systems.


Thousands of Polish opponents of abortion marched in Warsaw on Sunday to protest recent steps by the new government to liberalize the predominantly Catholic nation’s strict laws and allow termination of pregnancy until the 12th week.

Many participants in the downtown march were pushing prams with children, while others were carrying white-and-red national flags or posters representing a fetus in the womb.

Poland’s Catholic Church has called for Sunday to be a day of prayer “in defense of conceived life” and has supported the march, organized by an anti-abortion movement.

“In the face of promotion of abortion in recent months, the march will be a rare occasion to show our support for the protection of human life from conception to natural death,” a federation of anti-abortion movements said in a statement.

They were referring to an ongoing public debate surrounding the steps that the 4-month-old government of Prime Minster Donald Tusk is taking to relax the strict law brought in by its conservative predecessor.

Last week, Poland’s parliament, which is dominated by the liberal and pro-European Union ruling coalition, voted to approve further detailed work on four proposals to lift the near-ban on abortions.

The procedure, which could take weeks or even months, is expected to be eventually rejected by conservative President Andrzej Duda, whose term runs for another year. Last month Duda vetoed a draft law that would have made the morning-after pill available over the counter from the age of 15.

A nation of some 38 million, Poland is seeking ways to boost the birth rate, which is currently at some 1.2 per woman — among the lowest in the European Union. Poland’s society is aging and shrinking, facts that the previous right-wing government used among its arguments for toughening the abortion law.

You actually have women at this protest, which is amazing. That demonstrates, as a definite matter, that Poland has managed to hold on to some traditional values, even while they have surrendered their national decision-making to the US and Germany.

Organizers said 50,000 people joined

It won’t last forever, however.

When you make a deal with the devil, the devil always comes to collect.

Poland should abandon their alliance with the Great Satan and make peace with Russia.

As crazy as that may sound, more and more young Poles are seeing that this is the only way they can possibly hope to defend their civilization from the machinations of the Anal Empire.