Italy: Pediatric Association Demands Children Start Getting Vaccines Immediately, Says Whole World Needs the Vax

Why can’t we be as based as Tanzania?

You remember the old saying “if there’s grass on the field, shoot them with the experimental gene therapy drugs?”

Well, that’s out the window.

Now, any child is ready to take a steamy load of gene therapy.


Italian children must be vaccinated against COVID-19, the country’s paediatricians said Monday.

Of the 4.2 million COVID cases in Italy so far, they said, some 638,000 had hit under-19s and 26 of them had died.

Some 5.5%, or 231,338 cases, concerned 0-9 year olds with 11 deaths, and 9.6%, or 406,460 cases, 10-19 year olds with 15 deaths.

The Italian Paediatric Assocation said “comprehensive global vaccine intervention is needed, at all ages and all countries in the world”.

It came out against vaccinating only children with pre-existing conditions, calling that approach “neither valid nor effective”.

The children can’t die from the deadly coronavirus – but they secretly carry the deadly coronavirus and then transmit it to old people who are already vaxxed.

The vaxx doesn’t really work very well, you see. So if a hidden carrier child transfers it to an old person, the old person can die.

The purpose of any society that is truly moral and democratic is to keep people in their 80s and 90s alive indefinitely. And that’s why we have to experiment on these children with life changing and deadly gene therapy.