Italy: Peruvian Immigrant Punches and Rapes Italian Teen

Why are there Incan savages in Italy?

Who would even think that would work out well?

Vox (Translation):

A 49-year-old immigrant, Emilio Graviel Baldes, of Peruvian nationality, was arrested by the carabinieri for sexual violence against a 19-year-old girl. In Milan.

The episode around 1.30 last night, when the young woman was approached by the stranger armed with a glass bottle with whom he threatened her with death. After he hit her with slaps and punches in the face, he raped her.

The victim tried to defend herself and break free but was unable to free herself from the thorn of the import fool.

The alarm was given by a passerby who witnessed the scene. If the passers-by were armed, there would be fewer rapists.

The carabinieri of the Radiomobile nucleus arrived while the attacker was still raping the 19 year old.

The victim was transported in a state of shock to the Mangiagalli clinic where they found violence and other bruises and beatings. The man, transferred to the prison of San Vittore, has a police record.