Italy Threatens to Give Visas to Hordes if France and Austria Don’t Let Them Out

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 16, 2015

That's not how "way" is spelled, but otherwise that sign is rather impressive.
That’s not how “way” is spelled, but otherwise that sign is rather impressive.

As I predicted yesterday, Italy’s ace-in-the-hole is issuing visas to the invasion force so they can legally exit Italy and head north.

The Guardian:

Europe has become embroiled in a worsening feud over the issue, with Italy threatening to issue migrants with temporary visas that would allow them to enter other EU countries if no equitable deal is struck to share the burden.

Brussels is struggling to bring in a new quota system for migrants. The ministers will try to hammer out a response to controversial proposals from the European commission that amount to the beginnings of a coherent and shared immigration policy.

With tens of thousands of migrants crossing the Mediterranean, most of them heading for Italy, Rome appears outraged at the European infighting and is threatening to retaliate.

East European states reject the commission’s proposals, Britain and Denmark are opting out; Germany supports them; France, Spain and Portugal are lukewarm; and Italy is furious that it may be left to deal with the influx on its southern shores.

The Italian prime minister, Matteo Renzi, said that if no equitable deal is struck, Rome would start issuing migrants with temporary visas allowing them to travel elsewhere in Europe, stop receiving the hundreds of boats arriving from Libya and refuse docking for foreign ships rescuing those stranded at sea.

Austria and Hungary are threatening to close their borders to migrants, and France and Switzerland are refusing them entry from Italy. Police are patrolling international rail traffic, flouting the passport-free travel rules governing Europe’s Schengen area.

Still no discussion of sending them back, even while it is openly admitted now that that none of these buggers are “fleeing abuse in Libya,” they are all from sub-Saharan Africa and most of them are well-off.

The only person speaking rationally is Orban.