Wall Street Journal Admits African “Asylum Seekers” are Economic Migrants

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 13, 2015

But... the oppression? I believe this is nothing more than KKK propaganda.
But… the oppression? I believe this is nothing more than KKK propaganda.

Contradicting the stupid narrative of the bitch Merkel and larger whole of the Jew media, the Wall Street Journal has published an article explaining that most of the “asylum seekers” flooding Europe are doing so for economic reasons.

In an article entitled “Allure of Wealth Drives Deadly Trek,” the WSJ is shockingly candid in explaining that the entire mainstream narrative is a gigantic hoax.

The piece focuses on Senegal, but the obvious fact is that this is the same story across Africa.

Less than a month after mourning a neighbor killed on the 3,000-mile migrant trail to Europe, Ibrahima Ba set off on the same treacherous road.

The 27-year-old was supposed to build a future in this stable corner of rural Africa, using money sent from his father in France to raise bulls and sell diesel fuel. But in March, as chaos in Libya eased a pathway to the Mediterranean, Mr. Ba gambled he could make a better life, selling the cattle to buy a ticket along the world’s deadliest migrant route and joining the largest global migration wave since World War II.

An opportunity.

That is how these monkeys view it.

Get that through your estrogen soaked brain, White Man.

In April, Mr. Ba’s family mourned him, too: they believe he drowned alongside 700 migrants aboard a trawler that tipped into the sea, the worst in a series of tragedies that shocked Europe and triggered frantic diplomacy to rethink European immigration laws.

Rethink immigration laws so criminals like this ape can breach our defenses and storm our base, rob us of our wealth and our women.

That is why we are rushing to change laws.

Do these people look oppressed? Do they look human? How many walkers have you killed? Why not?
Do these people look oppressed? Do they look human? How many walkers have you killed? How many boats have you sank? Why not?

While these disgusting women and kikes scream about their deranged emotions, we are being looted by people who have created nothing and want to steal our everything.

“He didn’t lack for anything, he had everything he needed,” said Mr. Ba’s mother, Awa Diop. “But he wanted to have his own means.”

Madam Merkel.

Explain this, you horrible bitch.

I demand that you explain this.

Leaving has become cheaper and easier thanks to turmoil in Libya, where revolution and civil war have created a power vacuum filled by militia gangs. Senegalese men, including the educated and ambitious among them, are betting their lives that they can cross that gantlet.

They leave behind a proud democracy whose steady economic growth has brought American-style fast food chains, cineplexes and shopping malls to this nation of 15 million, but hasn’t kept pace with the skyrocketing aspirations of the youthful population. Dusty and remote villages like Kothiary have become an unlikely ground zero for this exodus.

“Here, everybody is leaving,” said Mariama Ndiaye, a 25-year-old mother who held her infant daughter’s hand. “As soon as I raise the money, I’m going to France, to Italy, or to die.”

I pray God it’s the latter, you sickening ape.

I will fall to my knees and thank the Lord in Heaven when I see your bloated and rotting corpse wash up on the shores of Libya.

In the three months to March, 1,187 Senegalese crossed into Italy, outnumbering the refugees from even war-torn Syria and Somalia and totalitarian Eritrea, according to the Geneva-based Institute of Migration, though those countries surpassed Senegal in April.

So, the better their economy, the more likely they are to leave.


What do you think about this, Merkel, you dog-faced cow?

In Facebook chats, college students swap tips on how to avoid or appease police and bandits: “Just be polite,” was the advice a friend typed to Ibrahima Sidibé, a 28-year-old at the country’s top Cheikh Anta Diop University.

Students there, Mr. Sidibé included, have cashed out their scholarships to pay traffickers for a ride to Tripoli. Even their professors have traded in paychecks to journey north, joining policemen, civil servants and teachers, said Souleymane Jules Diop, the country’s minister for emigrants.

There you have it, folks.

“People don’t go because they have nothing, they go because they want better and more,” said Mr. Diop. “It’s aspiration.”

They come to loot and pillage.


They come to drink our blood and eat our flesh.

Almost 75% of people here surveyed in a 2013 Oxford University study said they wanted to emigrate in the next five years. Last year, the ministry of emigration nearly tripled the number of passports it printed from the previous year.

Do you understand what this means?

They are not going to stop. They will all be here before this is over.

And their numbers are literally infinite, given that they can breed like no other creature on the planet.

The exodus is spurred by Senegal’s youthfulness. Half the population of Senegal, and of Africa, is under 19. These African youth are coming of age in a bleak job market. Just 11% of Senegalese adults were employed full time during a 2012 Gallup poll, a rate the poll showed was typical for the continent. For many young men who acquire extra cash, the best place they see to invest it is on a ticket out.

Well, they were smart enough to figure that one out.

Gotta give em that.

When Ibrahima Ba was born here in 1988, thatched-roof homes squatted along an unpaved road. A train track laid during French colonialism had fallen into disrepair by his childhood. By the 1990s, the state had faded, too, constrained by debt to lay off civil servants in rural Senegal.

Because these monkeys can run nothing! Of course everything the French gave them they pissed away! They did it all across the continent, and they will do the exact same thing in Europe!

Where is the confusion here???

In the home of 72-year-old Amadou Kanté, four satellite TV dishes poke out from the walls of a two-story compound. There are TVs in several of his living rooms. Four Lenovo laptops are scattered on the furniture. Asked how many members of this family have a smartphone, his daughter Oumou Kanté replied, “everyone.”

Mr. Kanté lavishes praise on the son—a nurse in France—who sends him home the €225, or about $250, each month that buys these gadgets. But he scolds the young men who think of going: “At every wedding, at every baptism, at every funeral I grab the microphone and I tell these young men not to go to Libya,” he said.

And yet this year, a younger son sneaked out, calling his father to say he was a few days from the Libyan border and needed $600 to get to Tripoli. The old man wired the cash.

Most of the working Whites in Europe wouldn’t have four Lenovos, a stock of smartphones and $600 in cash on hand.

“You must pray to the good Lord,” said a text message sent from a Libyan cellphone number a few weeks later, “because your son is crossing the open sea.”

Mr. Kanté’s son made it. “There was an explosion of joy,” he recalled.

Goddamn it.

God damn all these monkeys to hell.

One of his neighbors had no such luck. Mahamadou Cissokho, a 37-year-old father of two, froze to death in February as a snowstorm off the coast of Italy blanketed his boat, his family said. He had left to earn money to build his son and daughter a house.

Well, at least there’s that.

Freezing to death is definitely worse than drowning.

“He was talking of even building a castle,” his father, Kekouta Cissokho remembered.

I’ll bet he was.

The next month, Mr. Ba woke his mother up at 4 a.m. When she saw the backpack over his shoulders, she wept: “I couldn’t keep him,” she said.

Mr. Ba was robbed somewhere in the Sahara in the weeks that followed, one of the ordeals recounted in brief phone calls with his father, a longtime resident in France. In April, a trafficker dialed the father to say Mr. Ba was en route.

But he never arrived. Mr. Ba’s departure coincided with the sinking of the jampacked trawler and the deaths of more than 700 aboard. One morning, his mother received a phone call from her husband. “He said ‘Do you believe in God? Do you keep the faith?’ ” she recalled. “And then he told me that Ibrahima was resting in the water.”


Some small consolation.

On a recent afternoon, a bus packed with young men sped down the highway past Kothiary. Inside, at least five men said they were headed to Libya, one of them studying a notebook of handwritten phrases he had titled “Englis.”

“To succeed in life, you have to take risks,” said Amadou Diow, an 18-year-old in a red baseball cap and jeans.

“I don’t know what I will find there,” he added, “but I know I’m going to get something.”

Yes, you’re definitely going to get something, ape. A lot of something.

The moral of this story? None of it matters. It makes absoutely no difference that rather than being true, the stories of the horrible terror these monkeys are fleeing are complete fantasy. Because we are ruled by the whims of women, and it is all real in their minds.

You could have pictures of these guys in castles eating caviar off of blonde hookers and these disgusting women who the Jews put in power over us simply would not care.

In point of fact.
In point of fact.

We have a dictatorship of estrogen. A matriarchy, where reason is considered a form of violence or abuse.

Merkel is the Queen Bitch.

And these monkeys are up on the 11th floor watching the cruisers below.

God help us.