Italy: Woman had Her 4 Dogs Eaten by Migrants

Lampedusa, the benighted “Italian” island that is closer to Africa than mainland Italy, has once again become a major staging point for the Afro-Asian invasion of Europe.

Lega leader Salvini recently visited Lampedusa. You can get an overview of the general conditions there in this video.

Il Giornale recently interviewed an Italian woman who has a farm there, where she used to raise pigs, sheep and chickens. But not any more.

Il Giornale:

 “The pigs are all I have left. They ate four of my dogs. They skinned them and then roasted them on the embers“.

In 2018 Rosy filed a complaint with the carabinieri: she had 25 chickens, but they have eaten them all. They didn’t touch the pigs, however, because Muslims don’t eat swine flesh.

In this video, she shows the journalists around her farm, including the mess left by the invaders.

And they have harassed her daughter.

Some time ago, as if that wasn’t enough, a deplorable incident was verified that involved her 14-year-old daughter while she was collecting fresh grass for the pigs. “12 of them came out from behind a bush. They were Tunisians. Drunk. She was afraid. They winked at her. They wanted to offer her cannabis. One of them took his trousers down. In front of my daughter.”

This case was raised on an Italian TV discussion program recently. The commentators actually laughed at the woman’s experience, mocking her as a xenophobic oik: “Oh, the immigrants ate my dogs!” You can pick up on the body language even if you don’t understand Italian.

Italy should either defend Lampedusa using draconian military measures (shooting and sinking any invader boats that turn up) or give it up entirely. At this point it’s simply an open door, inviting the endless hordes of Africa to an easy invasion of Europe.