It’s “Washington Post Day” – Please Go Click Every Article on WaPo

The WaPo shitbags are on strike – this is relatively unprecedented, for most of a newspaper’s staff to take a day off.


About 750 Washington Post staffers plan to walk off the job Thursday in a historic 24-hour strike.

It is one of the biggest labor strikes in D.C. in recent memory, and Posties are asking readers to not cross the picket line; in other words, to not read or engage with any Post content.

The strike comes after 18 months of contract negotiations, and last week’s warnings that layoffs could be imminent if more staffers don’t take voluntary buyouts.

The Washington Post is dealing with a $100 million loss this year by aiming to eliminate 240 jobs, including many local positions, but only about 120 employees have taken buyout offers.

The strike is worrying some leaders inside the 24/7 global newsroom as they try to fill a homepage and print newspaper.

“We have nothing in the cupboard,” one section head told staff in an email on Monday, as told to Washingtonian. “If there is a sentencing, a bill introduction, an appointment — anything that even whiffs of news – do it. I’m serious. We need to hoard.”

All the newspaper designers are expected to walk, according to leaders of the guild.

Yeah, well – that was a crisis that did not materialize.

I just went and read several articles on WaPo (and then clicked a bunch more so it would register in their analytics), and I cannot tell the difference at all. I don’t read the Post daily like I did a few years ago, but I’m pretty familiar with it. And there is no way I would have known the staff was on strike.

It’s incredible to me that these retards didn’t think about the fact that by staging a walkout, what they are doing is proving that they are unneeded, and should be fired just based on basic economic principles.

We don’t live in communism, you faggots.

Actually, it sort of is communism – you can go live on welfare. But Bezos isn’t required to cut you a check when you’ve just proved you offer precisely zero value to company that already costs him a lot of money with questionable benefit.

AI can already write the news, and that’s really what this is about. Of course, media companies have been failing for a long time, but at this point, we are months away from every news outlet being able to wipe out 95% of its staff in a day and have no one notice.

Frankly, I read a lot of news. I hate it, actually, and I’m thinking of changing jobs, maybe becoming a roofer. (I’ve always been fascinated by roofs.) I’ve also used a lot of AI, in particular ChatGPT but also others. I guess I can reveal that someone gave me access to Grok a couple weeks ago (immediately after I wrote about it and said I didn’t have access, a bro came through). Grok is all the things I said it was before I ever used it, and nowhere nearly as competent as ChatGPT, but basically any AI, including that retard Llama 2, who is literally the Downie kid of AIs, is a better writer than a journalist. The biggest threat to AI right now is that it will pick up too much training from news articles written by journalists. It should be trained to write news based on news written by AI, because journalists are garbage.

I think officially, WaPo is saying that they’re not using AI today, but I’m pretty sure the “emergency team” (they used to call them “scabs”) is just using it anyway. No one can stop them from doing that.

So, as an anti-journalist activist who is laughing my ass off at the fact that 95% of these faggots are going to be living on welfare, I am asking my own readers to please go click around on Washington Post. It’s an activist action, of course, but it also might be interesting to you to see that you literally can’t tell that 750 people walked out today.

If you aren’t already, please use Brave Browser to bypass the paywall, and just click around a lot.

I would tell the faggots to “learn to code” – but hey, nope. AI is doing that job too. The best thing journalists can do is “learn to watch Netflix 18 hours per day.”


To be clear, I am, like Sam Altman, an AI maximalist. I am entirely opposed to any limits being put on AI, and I think the concept is retarded and actually confusing in both its motivations and perceived implications.

My issue with AI is that it has to be free. I think every company developing it should be forced to publish the code. That should be the only limit. Otherwise, you have a weapon that can be used against anyone – secretly and without any legal consequences – being developed by private companies.

I don’t think the Americans will release the code. But I do think that we will end up with an open source AI that is just as competent as any proprietary AI. The thing here is: AI can be trained on other AI. This is already possible but it’s going to be way more possible, where you’re just going to be able to tell your AI to interact with someone else’s AI, and it will learn all of the abilities of the other AI as fast as your GPUs can run it through.

So I’m not really even that worried about AI being singularly held by powerful individuals. I don’t think that is possible, just like it wasn’t possible for them to keep it a secret because they need us to interact with it.

Will it destroy society? Yes, I assume so. I don’t really see why it wouldn’t.

But who gives a shit?