Japan: Court Decides Government’s Gay “Marriage” Ban is Unconstitutional

Japan would be a tough bump on the road to vaginal and anal dominance of the world.

But over the last year, the nips seem to have lost their will to fight.

The Guardian:

A Japanese district court has ruled that not allowing same-sex couples to marry is “unconstitutional“, setting a new precedent in the only G7 nation not to fully recognise same-sex partnership, though it rejected demands for damages to be paid.

The ruling, the first in Japan on the legality of same-sex marriages, is a major symbolic victory in a country where the constitution defines marriage as being based on “the mutual consent of both sexes”.

As it now stands, same-sex couples can’t inherit their partner’s assets – such as the house they may have shared – and also have no parental rights to any children their partners may have.

Though partnership certificates issued by individual municipalities around the nation help with renting places to live and hospital visitation rights, they still don’t allow the same full legal rights as for heterosexual couples.

The Sapporo district court threw out the demand for damages by the six plaintiffs – two couples of men and one of women – who had asked that the Japanese government pay one million yen each in acknowledgment of the pain they suffered by not being able to legally marry.

But the recognition that not allowing them to marry was unconstitutional was the victory the plaintiffs, their lawyers and activists had been hoping for as a key symbolic step forward and precedent-setter.

The Guardian goes on to note that this is the result of American pressure, even noting the involvement of Jewish banks in the push to make the country full anal.

The American Chamber of Commerce last year issued a statement saying that Japan’s stance makes it less competitive internationally as a result.

A number of companies have taken their own steps to work around the situation, including both international companies and Japanese firms such as Panasonic. But there are limits.

“For things that are part of the national system, such as pensions, there’s nothing they can do,” said Masa Yanagisawa, head of Prime Services at Goldman Sachs Japan and a board member of the NGO Marriage for All Japan.

“All the other advanced countries have this, so Japan will lose out competitively. Then there’s the fact that people can’t be who they are. It becomes quite business critical.”

The assumption there is, apparently, that China is not an “advanced country.” China does not allow ultra gay anal dominance of the legal system.

It’s sad to watch Japan break like this.

It’s not only sad in the vague sense, but also sad in the sense of: we were all mining Japan for entertainment media that didn’t following the vagino-anal code. If they go full vagino-anal, and let women and homos take over everything, our fun time cartoons and video games are finished.